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J/24 Tapered Aluminum Spinnaker Pole

J/24 Tapered Aluminum Spinnaker Pole

Super stiff Selden poles come with composite Selden pole ends. Composite ends are lightweight with a stainless, spring loaded plunger for easy spinnaker handling.

We offer two options for the J24 Spinnaker Pole. The first is a Complete, assembled spinnaker pole, the J24401 Pole Assembled. It is complete with Selden pole, composite ends, D Rings and trip line. We also offer the Selden Pole with Composite Rings without rigging.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of this product, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

J24401 J/24 Spinnaker Pole By Selden-Assembled Price: $489.64 SLDS0630786 Spin Pole Complete 63/38mm J24 No Rings/Bridles or Trip Line Price: $450.00

J/24 Carbon Spinnaker Pole by Forte

J/24 Carbon Spinnaker Pole by Forte

If you’re Mr. Handyman and want to save a few bucks putting your own pole together, this is for you. Get the blank, cut to length, pop in the ends, lash on the D-rings, wrap with a bow and give to your bowman. Built especially for the J/24, Forte’s tubes are designed for zero flex with Ronstan RFPNP166 ends and RF167 bushings installed to the 2895mm class maximum length. You come in right at the class 2.7 kg minimum weight. You’ll need all the pieces below and about an hour of your time to complete the project. If you want a pole ready to go on the boat, then just ordered the pole complete.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of the J/24 Spinnaker Pole and Forte Carbon Tube, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

FCTJ24 Forte Carbon Tube for J24 OD 2.50, ID 2.25 Price: $700.00 J24400 J/24 Spinnaker Pole by Forte - Assembled Price: $971.62
RFCS3250640 D-Ring 1/4, 1-3/8IH x 1-9/16 IW Price: $1.71 RFPNP166 Spin pole end - Nylon body Price: $84.92
RFPNP167 Bushing - Glass Filled Nylon for PNP166 Price: $14.88

Spinnaker Halyard Clip by SOAK

Spinnaker Halyard Clip by SOAK SOAK Halyard Clip
Designed for Boats up to 40'

Designed to prevent accidental spinnaker launches when sailing upwind and to keep the halyard from fouling during tacks. Plus, it automatically release when you're hoisting, so it's one less thing to worry about going around the top mark. Made of high quality Nylon with UV inhibitor for durability. Nylon attachment line included.

Works best with lines from 5/32 (4mm) to 3/8 (9mm). We have found that it works best with stripped line because covered line is too rigid. For covered line we only recommend it up to 5/16".

SOAK001 Soak Halyard Clip Price: $19.95

J/24 Tapered Carbon Spin Pole by Hall

J/24 Tapered Carbon Spin Pole by Hall

Mandrel-molded, autoclave-cured makes this pole absolute class minimum weight and maximum length. Tapering process puts the carbon where it’s needed, centers the weight for feather light ends and allows for better grip when it’s wet and windy. Comes with Swiftcord trip line and two eye straps for the topping lift and down haul. Using Proctor ends, this is bar none the best carbon pole available to J/24 sailors. 2-1/4” ID on center, 1-1/2” ID at ends.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of this product, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

HSJ24CTSP J24 Carbon-Fiber Tapered Spinnaker Pole by Hall Price: $852.00

APS Spinnaker Launching Bag: Pro

APS Spinnaker Launching Bag: Pro

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Spinnaker Launching Bag: Pro
Measures: Fore and aft: 25" Side to side: 25" Depth: 30"

All mesh design. We made this nice and deep so you can stuff the spinnaker down and it does not start to blow back out. Slight taper at the bottom and battens on all four sides of the opening. Large race instruction pouch/window with Dacron backing to keep a wet spinnaker from getting papers wet. Has slots inside the pocket for pencils/pens.

Two side mesh pockets with Velcro flaps securely keeps your VHF safe and within reach. Spring loaded durable bronze hanks. (not included, try small 1/8" Amsteel Blue. It's slippery and allows the bag to easily slide).

APS Video
Check out our video for a more in depth look at this product's features. If you would like to view it please
Video Review click here

APSC500 APS Spinnaker Launching Bag Price: $129.95 SMAB18 Amsteel Blue: 1/8" (3mm) Price: $0.43

APS Spinnaker Launching Bag: Basic

APS Spinnaker Launching Bag: Basic Spinnaker Launching Bag: Basic
Measures: Fore and Aft: 25", Side to Side: 30", Depth: 18"

We've tweaked our always-popular Spinnaker Launching Bag to make it even better! It's now larger and has battens on all four sides of the opening, a velcro halyard keeper strap, and a larger race instructions pouch in addition to the full mesh bottom for drainage. Designed to ride on two taught, low-stretch line "rails" (not included, try small diameter Excel Pro, Excel Vectran or Yale Crystalyne) on the cabin headliner, inside the companionway of the J/22 and J/24, but our customers are using these on all kinds of small to medium keelboats.

Comes in assorted colors.

MSTJ201 Spin Launch Turtle w/Halyd Keeper Price: $143.02

Spinnaker Pole Fittings by Selden (Proctor)

 Spinnaker Pole Fittings by Selden (Proctor) The Selden (Proctor) ends have a very long life expectancy, but periodical replacement of the spring and plastic plunger sleeve will keep them operating smoothly. (Easy to install, but requires you to remove the ends fittings from the pole). Used on the Selden tappered aluminum pole and the Hall tappered carbon pole.

SLD306347 Plunger Lining for Yacht Pole End Price: $7.00 SLD53485301 Spinnaker Pole End 1.5, Aluminum Price: $57.00

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