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J/24 Winches and Accessories

J/24 Winches and Accessories Two speed winches by Harken allow you to quickly and effectively grind in your sails under varying loads and wind conditions.

Part # Description Drum Dia. Base Dia. Height Power Ratio - 1 Power Ratio - 2 Fasteners (FH)
in mm in mm in mm in mm
HP352PTP Winch, Two Speed 3-1/8 80 5-7/8 149 5-13/16 148 13:5:1 35.9:1 5 x 1/4 5 x 6

HP352PTP #35 Performa Winch, Plain Top 2 Speed Price: $1,031.65 JCD043 Synthetic Winch Pad for Harken 35.2 (Pair) Price: $280.00

Harken Winch Grease

Harken Winch Grease Harken Winch Grease is a non-aging, high-adhesive synthetic lubricant. It is resistant to both salt and fresh water and protects metal gears, roller bearings and all moving winch parts from corrosion and wear. (Note: Do not grease pawls, plastic rollers or balls). It is a 100ml tube.

HBK4513 Harken Winch Grease Price: $13.61

Harken Pawl and Spring Oil

Harken Pawl and Spring Oil Maintain your winches to keep them performing at the top. Remember to use oil on your winch pawls and springs. Grease will gum them up and reduce performance.

HBK4521 Pawl Oil for Winch Pawls and Springs Price: $10.21

Harken Replacement Pawls and Springs

Harken Replacement Pawls and Springs The Harken Winch Service Kit is designed to do routine maintenance on your winches. The kit contains ten pawls and ten springs.

HBK4512 Winch Pawl & Spring Kit Price: $33.00

Lewmar Replacement Kits

Lewmar Replacement Kits The Lewmar Winch Service Kit is designed to do routine maintenance on your winches. The kit contains four circlips, four pawls and four pawl springs.

LW19700200 Winch Spares Kit, #14ST - #66ST Winches Price: $61.88

Lewmar Winch Lubricants & Kits

Lewmar Winch Lubricants & Kits Lewmar winches must be serviced regularly, as they are required to carry deceptively high loads. Regular servicing, with attention to correct assembly and condition of parts, is vital to the safety and performance of your boat.

You should service your winches two or three times during an active sailing season: each winch should be stripped, cleaned and re-lubricated. At the end of each sailing season and before starting the new sailing season, all Lewmar winches should be completely stripped, cleaned, thoroughly checked for damage and lubricated. Consult the Winch Service Manual that came with your Lewmar winch for the proper maintenance schedule for your particular winch.

The Full Maintenance Package contains 10 Pawl Springs, Race Lube, Grease, a brush, and Instructions.

Part # Description
LW19700900 Allen Key Set for Lewmar Winches
LW19701000 3.5oz Tube of Winch Grease
LW19701500 Full Maintenance Package
LW19701600 Lubricant for Pawls & Pawl Springs

LW19700900 Winch Allen Key Set Price: $27.14 LW19701000 Winch Grease 3.5oz Tube Price: $17.85
LW19701100 Winch Grease 10.5oz. Jar Price: $35.62 LW19701500 Winch Lubricant Maint. Kit Price: $32.81
LW19701600 Winch Pawl & Spring Lube 55ml Price: $9.35

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