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J/24 Mast Mount Base for H150 Cam Cleat

J/24 Mast Mount Base for H150 Cam Cleat Mount base for Harken 150 Cam Cleats for the mast. Creates a base on which to mount your cam cleats for your spinnaker halyard and jib halyard. Jib halyard is cleated through a double cam cleat system. Spinnaker halyard uses a single cam cleat system.

CHSK11713 J24 Mast Mount Base for H150 Cam Cleat Price: $11.37

J/24 Shroud Plates & Plugs

J/24 Shroud Plates & Plugs J/24 Shrouds are attached to the mast with T-Ball fittings. The wire is swagged onto the T-Ball hardware, that requires a T-Ball plug, which helps prevent accidental disengagement. The shroud is attached to the mast through the T-Ball fitting that is secured into the shroud plate. The plates are made from stainless steel.

NT74006 T-Ball Plate 3/16 Price: $7.10

J/24 Self Jamming Main Halyard Cleat

J/24 Self Jamming Main Halyard Cleat

Jam shaped base allows for easy quick adjustments and cleating of the J/24 main halyard with a single wrap on the cleat. One wrap around the V-shaped base section locks line in the cleat. Made with strong, black, hard anodized lightweight aluminum with the strength and corrosion resistance needed for years of reliable service.

Part # Max Line Dia. (in) Length (in) Hole Centers (in) Fasteners Weight (oz)
SC7078 5/16 4 1 1/16 2x #10 FH 1.5

SC7078 4 Jam Cleat Price: $37.64

J/24 Sparcraft Welded in Masthead Parts

J/24 Sparcraft Welded in Masthead Parts
Picture Reference Part Number Description
2 CHSK11881 Delrin Sheave
3 CHSP461 Masthead Clevis Pin for Backstay
4 CHSP429 Masthead Clevis Pin for Main Halyard Sheave
5 CHSK9523 Bronze Bushing for Sheave

CHSK11881 J24 Main Halyard Sheave Price: $26.25 CHSK9523 J24 Main Halyard Sheave Bushing Price: $3.00
CHSP461 J24 Clevis Pin for Main Halyard Sheave at Masthead Price: $13.20

J/24 Sparcraft Mast Cap

J/24 Sparcraft Mast Cap

CHSK10322 J24 Mast Cap Price: $31.90

J/24 Sparcraft Welded In Jib Box Parts

J/24 Sparcraft Welded In Jib Box Parts
Picture Reference Part Number Description
1 CHSK12892 Welded in Jib Box
2 CHSK10545 Sheave 1.50 x .375"
3 CHSK10587 Sheave 1.00 x .375"
4 CHSK12974 Sheave Pin Retainer 1/4"
5 CHSK12975 Sheave Pin Retainer 1/4"
6 CHSP522 S/S Clevis Pin 5/16 x 7/8"
7 CHSP422 S/S Clevis Pin 1/4 x 7/8"
8 Generic 10-24 x 7/8" Panhead Screw
9 CHSK10588 Spacer for Jib Box

CHSK10545 J24 Jib/Genoa Halyard Sheave, 1.5 x .375 Price: $33.60 CHSK10587 J24 Spinnaker Halyard Sheave 1 x .375 (need 2) Price: $22.00
CHSK10588 J24 Spacer for Welded in Jib Box Price: $13.20 CHSK12892 Welded in Jib Box Price: $191.57
CHSK12974 J24 Sheave Pin 1/4 - Spinnaker Price: $35.20 CHSK12975 J24 Sheave Pin 1/4 - Jib Price: $46.20
CHSP422 J24 Clevis Pin 1/4 x 7/8 for Spin Sheave & Backstay Price: $8.80 CHSP522 J24 Clevis Pin 5/16 x 7/8 for Jib Sheave Price: $9.90

J/24 Spinnaker Pad Eye

J/24 Spinnaker Pad Eye Fixed spinnaker rind for mast mounting. Used when height adjustment at the inboard end of the spinnaker pole is not required. Made of stainless steel with a welded ring.

CHSD85783 J24 Spin Pole Mast Bail Price: $57.37

J/24 Sparcraft Spreaders

J/24 Sparcraft Spreaders
Picture Reference Part Number Description
1 CHSFS531P Port Spreader 772mm Long, 17-1/2 Degree Sweep
1 CHSFS531S Starboard Spreader 772mm Long, 17-1/2 Degree Sweep
3 CHS32602030050 Spreader Tip
4 Generic 10-24 x 1" S/S Panhead Screw
Generic 10-24 S/S Lock Nut

CHS32602030050 J24 Spreader Tip to fit SP2 tip Price: $22.00 CHSFS531P J24 Spreader Clear Anodized - PORT(SP2-2) Price: $135.45
CHSFS531S J24 Spreader Clear Anodized - STBD(SP2-2) Price: $135.45

J/24 Spreader Thru Bar Upgrade Kit

J/24 Spreader Thru Bar Upgrade Kit Clean up those sloppy spreaders on your old mast by installing a Thru Bar Spreader Bracket Kit. Includes the thru bar, port and starboard plates that mount to the outside of the mast, 16 stainless steel rivets and instructions.

Kit reuses the mounting holes from your old bracket. All it takes is a little drilling and pop riveting (maybe a bit of persuasion with a rubber mallet).

Thru Bar is also available separately.

CHSK11777J24 J24 Thru Bar Only Price: $97.90 CHSK11867 J24 Thru Bar Kit. w/Bar & Plate Price: $229.90

J/24 Vang Bracket

J/24 Vang Bracket Designed to be mounted on your mast, this bracket makes for easy attachment of your vang.

CHSD90228 J24 Vang Bracket for Mast Price: $86.90

J/24 Mast Butt Adjuster by Hall

J/24 Mast Butt Adjuster by Hall Make sure you are racing the boat to its optimal performance with a mast butt adjuster. It allows you to tune your rig from the position of your mast butt. These adjusters feature Ronstan Sealoc adjusters for proven performance.

HSJ24AMB J24 Mast Butt Adjuster w/ RF Sealoc Adj. Price: $210.00

J/24 Sparcraft Mast Step

J/24 Sparcraft Mast Step
Picture Reference Part Number Description
1 CHSK12861 Step Casting - Drilled
2 CHSK10673 Mast Base Plate
1 & 2 CHSK10674 Mast Step Casting with Steel Plate
3 Generic 5/16"  Flathead Screw (Need Two)
4 Generic 5/16" Lock Nut (Need Two)

CHSK10673 J24 Stainless Steel Mast Base Plate Price: $54.49 CHSK10674 J24 Mast Step Casting with Stainless Steel Plate Price: $166.95
CHSK12861 J24 Mast Step Casting- Drilled Price: $97.90

J/24 Sparcraft Mast

J/24 Sparcraft Mast J/24 Sparcraft Mast
Current Spec. Mast

Specifically designed to meet the needs of performance and racing rules of J/24 one design sailing, the Sparcraft mast includes spreaders and leader lines for easy installation of halyard. It does not include standing rigging or running rigging.

Mast is made to class specifications. Tapered anodized aluminum racing mast with airfoil spreaders.

CHSFM531 J24 Current Spec. Sparcraft Mast (SP2-2 Section) Price: $5,890.50

J/24 Boom and Other Boom Parts

J/24 Boom and Other Boom Parts

CHS15037009 J24 Clevis Pin, 1/4 for New Gooseneck Bracket on Mast Price: $7.48 CHSD43023 J24 Outhaul Assy, Outboard Boom Casting w/Sheave Price: $328.90
CHSFB531 J24 Boom Complete Price: $1,192.41 CHSK10483 J24 Outhaul Sheave for Boom Price: $16.72
CHSK9312 J24 S/S Bushing for Gooseneck Pin (1) Price: $15.40

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