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J/24 Upper Life Line

J/24 Upper Life Line

We use type 316 stainless steel 5/32” wire with a 7/32” vinyl coating to make our upper life lines. The bow pulpit end has a toggle jaw with a ¼” pin. The other has a threaded gate eye. This allows you to remove the eye and run the life line through your stanchions during installation. The eye is laced to the stern pulpit with any strong 1/8” line.

Class rules state that “When lifelines are secured by lanyards, the lanyards shall be of synthetic rope with an exposed length of not more that 100mm" (3.94”). So, don’t make your lacing too long. Please provide us the length of your existing life lines from the bearing surface of the eye to the bearing surface of the pin in the toggle jaw. Visit How to Measure Standing Rigging before placing your order. You may ship your life lines to us for reproduction if you prefer.

J24600 J24 Upper Life Line 5/32 wire, 1/4 Vinyl Coating (1) Price: $106.36

J/24 Stanchion Bases

J/24 Stanchion Bases J/24 Stanchion bases are available in two options, depending on the angle, either 0-degrees or 14-degrees. The forward stanchion base is a 0-degree base, while the aft is a 14-degree base.

The 14-degree base features the same footprint as its predecessor, but has been upgraded with a more robust support arm to support the loads associated with heavy air sailing.

The support arm is commonly used as the lashing point for the spinnaker turning block, and has been known in the past to deform in heavy air conditions.

HS27001 J24 Forward Stanchion Base Price: $83.08 HS27002 J24 Aft Stanchion Base (14 Degree Angle) Price: $83.08

J/24 Stanchion Tubes

J/24 Stanchion Tubes Made specifically for the J/24, these stanchion tubes are available in two different heights. The first is standard height, which is 24x1. The second option is the minimum height, while still remaining under class rules, which is 20x1.

HS28000 J24 Std. Stanchion Tube 24 x 1 Price: $101.83 HS28001 J24 Min. Height Stanchion Tube 20 x 1 Price: $101.83

J/24 Roller Stanchion

J/24 Roller Stanchion Switch out your forward stanchions with these to reduce the Genoa snags. You'll spend less time yelling "skirt" and bruising your hand on the top life line trying to free the Genoa after every tack.

Sail Chafe Protector by Harken

Sail Chafe Protector by Harken Help protect your sails from snags. Can be used on lifelines, in front of each stanchion to help the foot of the genoa roll over the lifelines during a tack. Also, can be used on above each spreader to protect the mainsail and genoa from chafing on spreader tips. Sold in pairs.

H285 Sail Chafe Protector (2) Price: $30.14

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