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J/22 Self Jamming Main Halyard Cleat

J/22 Self Jamming Main Halyard Cleat

Jam shaped base allows for easy quick adjustments and cleating of the J/22 main halyard with a single wrap on the cleat. One wrap around the V-shaped base section locks line in the cleat. Made with strong, black, hard anodized lightweight aluminum with the strength and corrosion resistance needed for years of reliable service.

Part # Max Line Dia. (in) Length (in) Hole Centers (in) Fasteners Weight (oz)
SC7078 5/16 4 1 1/16 2x #10 FH 1.5

SC7078 4 Jam Cleat Price: $37.64

JCD Shroud Key

JCD Shroud Key Tired of fumbling around for tools, losing vice grips overboard with making a shroud tension change? These JCD Shroud Keys, a tiny machined Delrin wrench gets tied to each lower shroud. It holds the wire at the swage while you turn the turnbuckle (the slot is 1/4").

JCD302 J24 Delrin Shroud Key (pair) Price: $42.00

Motor Mount by Hall

Motor Mount by Hall This super stiff Motor Mount is strong but remains lightweight. Made with a lightweight welded aluminum base with UHMW (polyethelyene) support.

Weighs 2.7 lbs. Hole spacing: 3-3/4 in. Length to inboard edge of bracket: 6-3/4". length to outboard edge of bracket: 8-1/4". Thickness: 1-1/2". Top Length: 5-1/2".

HSMM J24/J22/J80 Style Motor Mount by Hall Price: $196.27

Vinyl Rigging Tape

Vinyl Rigging Tape From securing ring dings and pins to holding blistered hands together for one more race, just about anyone who ever sails uses this stuff by the mile. Economy or Standard we offer two grades of this UL listed, white electrical, er...rigging tape. Both are 7mm thick, 3/4 of an inch wide and 66 feet long in white. So, why do we offer both?

The Economy has a slightly less agressive adhesive and a little less stretch, but a really attractive price. If you travel a lot with your boat burning through roll after roll every weekend when you rig and de-rig your boat this is perfect for you.

The Standard offers a bit more agressive adhesive on a more durable vinyl for improved holding power and stretch. It even comes with a handy dandy carrying case. This is the stuff to use if you are a set it and forget it type sailor who steps their rig once and year and rarely re-tapes things.

ANN55 Economy Rigging Tape, 3/4" x 66' Price: $3.49 MSCMMM10828 Standard 3M Rigging Tape, 3/4" x 66' Price: $7.63

Harken J/22 Boathandling Video CD ROM

Harken J/22 Boathandling Video CD ROM Harken J/22 Boathandling Video

Everything you need to know about handling the J/22. Based on Windows Media technology and Media Player 7, the CD-ROM has videos that offer interactive instruction with unparalleled attention to detail, offering transcripts to crew communication as it happens as well as pop-up chalk talk notes that can be printed for further reference.

The content of the CD-ROM takes an in-depth look at the techniques, choreography and organization involved in many of the maneuvers necessary for competition in one-design. Only Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP supported. Must have at least a 16X CD-ROM drive and 400Mhz processor or better.

H4938 Harken J/22 CD ROM Video Price: $45.00

Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps 2-ply straps have sewn loops in both ends and are six feet long. Vertical rated capacity of 6,200 lbs. More than enough for most hoist launched keelboats. Use our 2 ton galvanized shackle (screws on Watercraft keel lift tang - 3/4” opening; 5/8” dia. pin)

SECEE2102X5 Lifting Strap, 2 Diameter x 5' Price: $39.38

Tacktick Micro

Tacktick Micro This waterproof, self-contained compass fits the bill for dinghies and sport boats. Large twin display with battery level indicator. Solar rechargeable battery. Three choices of data display compass heading, tactical compass scale and race countdown timer. Because headers and lifts are not displayed, most one design classes will allow this compass. Submersible to 10 meters.

Comes with Velcro mast mount, carrying case, a snap-in cradle (Allows you to snap the Compass on and off, leaving the mount on the mast) and a two year manufacturer's warranty.

Key Features:

  • No wires or connections to make
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Totally waterproof (submersible to 10m)
  • Shock Resistant
  • Lightweight only 153g (0.34lbs)
  • Ultra wide viewing angles
  • Battery level indicator
  • Precise to 1 degree
  • Easy to read large digits

For all TackTick accessories please visit our TackTick Micro Accessories Page.

TKT061 Micro Compass w/ Kit Price: $499.99

Loos Professional Tension Gauge

Loos Professional Tension Gauge Professional Tension Gauge

An inexpensive yet accurate method of checking the tension of your standing rigging.

Manufactured of rugged anodized aluminum, this gauge is corrosive resistant and will give years of service. Detailed operating instructions are included with each tension gauge. Higher accuracy and easier to use than standard models. The cable can be adjusted while the gauge remains on the cable. "Just watch the pointer move."

All readings are based on 302/304 1x19 S.S breaking strengths. Available for standard or metric rigging. Includes instructions and wire gauge. LSPT1 (for 3/32" - 5/32" wire)

LSPT1 Pro Tension Gauge: 3/32" - 5/32" Price: $117.17

Loos Tension Gauge

Loos Tension Gauge Standard Tension Gauge

The Loos economy tension gauge takes the guesswork out of cable tension adjustment. It's especially designed for accurate, repeatable tuning of a sailboat's standing rigging. Manufactured of rugged anodized aluminum, the gauge is corrosion-resistant and will provide years of service.

The LS91 is small and is used on 3/32 to 5/32 inch wire; the LS90 is large and is used on 3/16 to 9/32 inch wire.

Includes instructions and wire gauge. Scale is popular with many one design rigging guides. LS91 (small, 3/32" - 5/32" wire)

LS91 Standard Tension Gauge: 3/32" - 5/32" Price: $81.89

J/22 Canvas Covers

J/22 Canvas Covers Full padded construction. The keel cover has fore and aft battens to keep it up and in place. Just wrap the keel and clip the back shut. An overlapping flap along the closure insures complete keel protection. The rudder cover slide over the rudder and around the pintles/gudgeons with a secure top webbing clip. Red safety tab runs the length of the back for safety.

MSTJ342 J22 Padded Rudder Bag Price: $105.44 MSTJ346 J22 Padded Keel Cover w/Battens Fore & Aft Price: $161.75

JCD Bow Doinker

JCD Bow Doinker 3/4" wide by 9" long machined Delrin. Low profile (1/4") base sticks to the bow with waterproof, double stick tape. Base has a dovetailed groove with an adjustable sliding 14" Delrin stem. Adjust length and lock with finger-tight set screw. Stops at each end of stem to prevent loss.

JCD019 Bow Doinker Price: $52.00

Race-Lite 3/4 Inch Tang

Race-Lite 3/4 Inch Tang 3/4" wide by 9" long, made from 1/16" stainless stock with 3/16" hole. Bend to make a perfect bow spin sheet catcher. 1/16 inch thick with rounded edges. Electropolished.

RL3209 Tang 9 x 3/4 Price: $4.55

Windex 10" Sport

Windex 10" Sport The secret of the Windex Sport Vane is in the sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin-low inertia vane, and easy-to-read, fully adjustable tacking tab system.

Reflector tape on the vane and tacking tabs make Windex 10.Sport easy to see day and night. Windex vanes are sturdy and when installed properly, offer many years of use. They have been wind tunnel tested to wind speeds of 80 knots!

Windex 10.Sport has a 10" (25 cm) vane. Includes glass reinforced polycarbonate J-Base for side, top or front of mast mounting on most dinghies, smaller boats and sport boats. Stands just 9.25" (23.5 cm) tall and weighs 1.2 ounces (31 g).

DV3101 Extra Vane for 10" Windex Sport Price: $18.69 DV3120 10" Windex Sport Price: $33.99

Tweaker Snatch Blocks

Tweaker Snatch Blocks

Holt Allen makes these very unique racing snatch blocks. Excellent for spinnaker twings. Lightweight - 1 ounce. Conveniently snap around your spin sheet. Acetal resin ball bearing sheaves with fiberglass filled nylon cheeks and grade 316 stainless steel axles.

Part # Description Sheave Dia. Length Max Line Dia. Breaking Load Max Dynamic Load Weight
mm in mm in mm in kg lb kg lb g oz
HA4475 Dynamic Snatch Block 30 1 3/16 53 2 3/32 6 1/4 850 1873 140 308 28 0.98

HA4475 30mm Dynamic Snatch Block Price: $46.82

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