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J/22 Spreader Repair Kit

J/22 Spreader Repair Kit Thanks to an improved design, this kit is 33% lighter than the previous style. If you’re willing to undertake this project, you’ll be glad to get rid of sloppy spreaders for good. Install stainless plates over top of each spreader thru hole on the mast. File slot to ensure perfect fit for your thru bar.

Includes: 2 stainless plates and 8 pop rivets.

OBM0070 J22 Spreader Repair Kit Price: $80.00

J/22 Spreader Repair Kit by Hall Spars

J/22 Spreader Repair Kit by Hall Spars Get rid of spreader slop by installing these aluminum plates. Basically you remove your spreaders and spreader bar. Pre drill two mounting holes in the mast (both sides) on the aft side of the spreader through holes. The plates are maneuvered into the mast and held in place with your small finger while you screw it in place from the outside (alighted vertically).

The idea is to mount them so they overlap the elongated spreader through hole (making it a smaller opening) and provide a tight fit for your thru bar once again. It is a relatively cheep and simple fix, but the plates do wear and may need replaced in the future to keep things tight.

HSKITJ22SPRREP J22 Spreader Repair Kit Price: $22.13

J/22 Mast  & Mast Parts by Hall Spars

J/22 Mast & Mast Parts by Hall Spars

HSFASRP38418 Mast Step Plate Pin 3/8" x 4 1/8" Price: $25.14 HSHRJ22RERO Mast Step Roll Pin Retro Kit Price: $41.27
HSJ22MAST Mast to class specs. No standing rigging. Price: $3,698.10 HSKITJ22SPRREP J22 Spreader Repair Kit Price: $22.13
HSPR061J22 J22 Spreader Bar Only Price: $115.55 HSPR11174 J22 Spinnaker Pole Mast Ring Price: $89.20
HSPR11175 Gooseneck Tack Bracket w/bolt Price: $224.00 HSPR11176 J22 Mast Deck Plate Price: $61.20
HSPR11177 J22 Mast Step - Flat Price: $55.00 HSPR11178 J22 Mast Step - Angled Price: $60.73
HSPR11180 J22 Sheave, Main Halyard at Masthead Price: $64.00 HSPR548102P J22 Spreader Only - Port Price: $200.00
HSPR548102S J22 Spreader Only - Starboard Price: $200.00 HSPR7526C J22 Hounds Box with Sheaves Price: $356.00
HSPR7626 Mast Step Casting Only, No Sheaves Price: $242.50 HSSCH2500744 J22 Sheave Bushing, S/S, for Main /Jib/Spinn. Price: $7.25
HSSCH62137 J22 Sheave for Jib/Spinnaker/Main Price: $19.87

J/22 Boom & Gooseneck by Hall Spars

J/22 Boom & Gooseneck by Hall Spars

HSHIS857D Boom to Class Specs Price: $1,170.75 HSPR7622 Boom Jammer Cam Price: $28.25
HSPR7623 J22 Gooseneck Toggle Casting Price: $31.85 HSPR7624C Boom inboard end complete. Price: $187.68
HSPR8005C Boom Outboard End Complete. Price: $90.45 SC9028 Boom Bail Forged Round Price: $47.44

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