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J/22 Mainsheet System

J/22 Mainsheet System J/22 Mainsheet System is available in two different configurations. The first is a H053 Little Fiddle and H060 Little Fiddle with Ratchet, Cam and Becket. The second is lighter weight option with a H2621 Fiddle and H2676 Carbo Fiddle with Cam and Becket.

H053/H060 System:
The Harken Little Fiddle Blocks build three and four-part purchases. These blocks feature fast trim and release under high or low loads, free-rolling Delrin ball bearings, and UV-stabilized sheaves (for non-ratchets) and sideplates, with high-strength stainless steel side straps. The ratchets grip loaded sheets, yet allow line to be eased with complete control. They feature Hardkote-andodized, Teflon-impregnated eight-sided sheaves machined from solid aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance.

H2621/H2676 System:
The Carbo Fiddle range features high-load ball bearings with fitted races for low-friction operation. The fiddle features the Cam-Lock System allowing the post to swivel freely or lock at 90 degree intervals. Cam arms can adjust to five different positions. Composite plates lock arms to the block with 35 pins.

J/22 Harken Traveler System

J/22 Harken Traveler System The J/22 Traveler System is made up of small boat High Beam CB Track with Captive Ball Traveler Car.

Small Boat Captive Ball Traveler Cars are used on large dinghies, keelboats, beach cats and offshore boats to 27 ft (8m). The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Ball bearings run on machined aluminum Hardkote-anodized races for smooth trimming and easing. Stainless steel wire guides keep the balls captive when the car is off the track.

If you're purchasing replacment ball bearings for your existing Harken car you'll need two packs of 21.

H177 1/4 (6mm) Torlon Ball Bearings (Set of 21) Price: $11.31 H264 SB HD Track End Stop, High-Beam (pair) Price: $34.45
H272112 SB HB Variable CB Track, 1.2m (47 1/4) Price: $70.75 H2729 SB CB HL Fixed Sheaves/Eye Car Price: $162.58

J/22 Micro Traveler Cam Bracket

J/22 Micro Traveler Cam Bracket Half the weight of the traditional system and with no sheave to break or bind, the Cam Traveler System is a great alternative. It's smaller than the other system, making it less likely to bang your shins. Available with the cam cleats, bracket and mounting hardware (OBM0006) or as the whole system with H468 included (OBM0006KIT).

Easily adjustable, it is great for Paralympic teams as well. Both systems are for one side of the boat.

OBM0006 Micro Traveler Cam Bracket, For J22/Sonar Price: $60.00

J/22 Traveler Cam Bracket

J/22 Traveler Cam Bracket

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This cam bracket is a perfect way to make tacking easier on the J/22. Traditional setups for the J/22 have two cam cleats for the traveller - one on each of the horizontal and vertical portions of the cockpit seats. This bracket moves the cam cleat mounted on the horizontal portion to a higher position off the deck, making it much easier to lock down on the leeward side before tacking.

You'll only need to drill one additional hole, as two of the three attachment points use the same holes for the upper cam cleat. The bracket does not come with the integral turning block, but the Harken #088 Bullet Single Thru-Deck is a perfect fit -- bend the tabs on the block to fit flush with the bracket.

Cams and turning block sold separately, although existing cam cleats can easily be re-used.

H088 Bullet Single Thru-deck Price: $20.68 H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99
OBM002 J22/M24 Traveler Cam Bracket (1) Price: $50.00

J/22 Windward Sheeting Upgrade

J/22 Windward Sheeting Upgrade Class legal as of 2010, the windward sheeting car is available as an upgrade or as a whole set. The kit is designed for use on your existing H2729 car and it has all the parts necessary to bolt right on. Max working load of 850lbs. Breaking load of 2,500lbs.

Note: The car in its current start will not clear the combing on either side of the cockpit, causing limited range of throw on the track. In order to clear the seats and have full range of motion, washers will need to be used to give the mechanism the height to clear.

H2745 SB CB HL Windward Sheeting Car Price: $432.96 H2752 SB CB Windward Sheeting Car Adapter Price: $312.40

J/22 Mainsheet Swivel Base Bracket

J/22 Mainsheet Swivel Base Bracket This flat bracket bolts to the underside of your traveler track allowing you to mount a mainsheet swivel base. Predrilled for either a Harken or Ronstan swivel base.

OBM0071 Mainsheet Swivel Base Mount - J22 Price: $69.00

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