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JCD Delrin Shroud Keys

JCD Delrin Shroud Keys Small machined delrin wrenches tie to each lower shroud. Holds the wire while you turn the turnbuckle.

JCD102 JCD Lightning Delrin Shroud Keys - 3/16 Slot Price: $42.00

JCD Hiking Bar

JCD Hiking Bar These hiking bars are not big and "klunky." Ther're made of 3/4" carbon/kevlar, wrapped in hear shrink tubing. The tubing gives a nice comfortable, grippy feel, and adds strength and safety too. Includes 4' on low stretch line. Weight is 1.3 oz.

JCD025 JCD Hiking Bar Price: $38.00

JCD Mainsheet Block Cowling

JCD Mainsheet Block Cowling For Harken 3.0” Ratchets. Keeps the lines, sheets and spinnakers from getting sucked into your ratchet. Two 3/32” holes need to be drilled on the block (easy) for the mounting screws.

JCD015 Main Sheet Block Cowling Price: $48.00

JCD Boom Crutch

JCD Boom Crutch Made from ¾” HDPE. It’s very strong and can really out-live the wood version. It comes in two pieces, assembled via a dado joint and counter-screw. Height from the deck to the bottom of the boom is 15”.

JCD108 JCD Boom Crutch, 15 High Price: $98.00

JCD Holed Mast Block

JCD Holed Mast Block This rugged HDP mast block is 1.25” thick by 2.75” wide. It has a .75” hole down through the middle for the vang.

JCD109 JCD Holed Mast Block Price: $48.00

JCD 1" Channeled Aft Mast Block

JCD 1" Channeled Aft Mast Block These 1” thick blocks are made from unbreakable HDPE and have a machined channeled grove. Butt this up against a thick flat flock to make a hole for your vang to go down through.

JCD120 Lightning 1 Channeled Aft Mast Block Price: $38.00

JCD Aft Slotted Mast Block

JCD Aft Slotted Mast Block JCD .75" thick HDPE aft slotted mast block has a milled .375" x 1.75" slot through the center. Soft rounded edges. Fitted for both Allen or Nickels Lightnings.

JCD127 Lightning 0.75" Aft Slotted Mast Block Price: $48.00

JCD Boom Spacer for Lightnings

JCD Boom Spacer for Lightnings Does your boom measure in too short, and you can’t get enough outhaul on? This can be the case with some older Lightnings. Putting this spacer in at the gooseneck will help. Just make sure your boom is still the legal length. Comes in either 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” or 3/4"” widths. Made out of HDPE.

JCD106 JCD Lightning Boom Spacer Price: $25.00

JCD Mast Blocks

JCD Mast Blocks Fitted mast blocks for Allen or Nickels Lightnings. Helps to keep the mast from moving laterally.

JCD101 JCD Mast Blocks Set - Aft Price: $88.00

JCD Fixed Mast Block

JCD Fixed Mast Block Now available for both Allen and Nickels Lightnings.

JCD110 JCD Fitted Mast Block for Allen Lightning Price: $68.00

JCD Cam Cleat Mast Shim

JCD Cam Cleat Mast Shim Fits medium Harken & Ronstan cams.

JCD104 JCD Cam Cleat Mast Shim Price: $30.00

JCD Bow Doinker

JCD Bow Doinker 3/4” wide by 9” long machined Delrin. Low profile (1/4”) base sticks to the bow with waterproof, double stick tape. Base has a dovetailed groove with an adjustable sliding 14” Delrin stem. Adjust length and lock with finger-tight set screw. Stops at each end of the stem to prevent loss.

JCD019 Bow Doinker Price: $52.00

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