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Lightning Padded Rudder Bag

Lightning Padded Rudder Bag Protect and carry your rudder in our zippered rudder bag. Our non-water absorbant rudder bag is padded with closed cell foam, closes with a heavy duty marine grade zipper and has a carry handle. Choice of colors in a 600 denier nylon.

MSTL840 Lightning Padded Rudder Bag Price: $77.89

Lightning Mast Bag with Exits

Lightning Mast Bag with Exits Complete protection for your mast while you are on the road or for storage. Constructed of Top Gun polyester fabric, our full length mast bag features reinforced openings for the spreaders, half zipper from the spreader and a red flag for travel.

MSTL845 Lightning Mast Bag with Exits Price: $171.35

Lightning Mast Butt Bag

The mast butt bag is great for trailering. The mast is protected from the rigging inside a padded pocket while the shrouds and halyards are contained withing the outer liner. Zips closed and includes a red flag on the trailing edge. Constructed of heavy duty polyester fabric. Measures 5’ long. Heavy duty polyester material.

MSTL844 Lightning Mast Butt Bag Price: $82.67

Lightning Hull Cover

Lightning Hull Cover Top Gun polyester is resistant to water, UV, mildew and chafe. This style cover wraps the hull and hullsides. A bungied skirt extends around the gunwale for a tight fit. Tie down straps with quick release buckles are sewn into the hem for the added security when travelling. Includes drain opening. Can be used in conjunction with the deck cover for complete coverage.

MSTL851 Lightning Hull Cover Price: $544.63

Lightning Deck Cover

Lightning Deck Cover The APS Deck Cover encloses the deck and wraps under the gunwale with an elasticized skirt to hold it on. Tie down tabs are sewn into the hem for additional lacing and reinforcements are added as needed to prevent chafe. The deck cover can be used in conjunction with the hull cover for 100% protection. Breathable Top Gun Polyester.

MSTL850 Lightning Deck Cover Price: $348.80

Lightning Mooring Cover

The APS Mooring Cover is designed to cover the topsides while the boat is rigged with the boom in the upright position. This cover is enclosed at the transom and has full hullside skirts. Zipper closures are included at the bow, shrouds and transom. Tie down straps with quick release buckles are sewn along the bottom of the cover so that it can be secured. Reinforcements are sewn in at all chafe points. Breathable Top Gun Polyester.

MSTL858 Lightning Mooring Cover w/ sides Price: $801.08

Lightning Padded Anchor Bag

Lightning Padded Anchor Bag Padded Anchor Bag
Holds an 8lb lightning anchor-padded throughout

This Masthead bag is padded to protect the hull with a velcro pocket to keep the anchor rode neatly organized. The pocket includes an exit grommet so the tail of the line can be tied to the boat while the anchor and rode are still contained in the bag. The bag closes with velcro for quick and easy access.

MSTL841 Padded Anchor Bag Price: $72.49

Lightning Padded Hiking Straps fore/Aft.

This is a total of four straps that run fore and aft.Two straps are mounted forward on either side of the trunk which are shared by the crew. Two straps are mounted aft for the skipper. Sewn loops on all ends allow you to either tie straps in or mount with plates over top of the flattened loops and fastened threw with screws.

MSTL859 Lightning Padded Hiking Straps - Fore/Aft. (4) Price: $137.07

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