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Davis Tiller-Tamer

Davis Tiller-Tamer Davis Tiller-Tamer

Davis Tiller Tamer maintains cruising course with no hands, in any weather or wind condition. The tension adjusts smoothly and goes from being fully locked to fully free. Tiller-Tamer gives improved control and feel to the tiller handle. Will not interfere with automatic steering systems and no loss of cockpit space. No need to lash the tiller when boat is moored or trailered.

DV2205 Tiller Tamer Price: $28.89

Seasure Midshipman II Steering Lock

Seasure Midshipman II Steering Lock Sea Sure Midshipman II Steering Lock

Sea Sure new Midshipman rope lock has a new design that is suitable for any tiller steered yacht or sports boat. It's simple mechanism allows the tiller to be set and adjusted which is especially indispensable for short-handed sailing. It's innovative design incorporates snubber which holds a far better course than a simple lashing tiller.

Sea Sure manufactured the first Midshipman rope lock over 25 years ago. It's been an essential piece of equipment on many yachts ever since. The new version maintains the rugged reliability of the original and brings the design fully up to date.

Length - 5.07 inches (128.85mm)
Depth - 0.92 inches (23.46mm)
Width - 1.77 inches (44.88mm)

SS1927 Sea Sure Midshipman II Steering Lock Price: $105.52

Schaefer Stainless Tiller Strap

Schaefer Stainless Tiller Strap Heavy duty tiller straps good for boats up to 25' long.

Sold as a pair.

Pin Diameter Thickness Length Width Fasteners Weight
in mm in mm in mm in mm lb g
3/8 10 3/16 5 12 305 1-1/2 38 1/4" RH (6mm) x 3 1 454

SC8544 J24 Tiller Straps (pr) 3/8pin Price: $128.00

Tiller Cover

Tiller Cover Great for your custom wooden tiller, these covers are available in multiple lengths to meet your needs. They are made of durable, U/V resistant, Sunbrella fabric for long life in direct sunlight. Sunbrella is 100% woven acrylic with fluorocarbon finish, mildew and water resistant and breathable. Color remains strong even after years of use. Drawstring tie.

Available in 46" x 10", 51" x 11" or 53" x 16" lengths.

MSTC742 Tiller Cover - Draw String Price: $41.08

Lewmar Carbon Fiber Wheels

Lewmar Carbon Fiber Wheels

Lewmar's Y-Spoke Carbon Wheel combines ultimate weight savings with sleek and slender styling.

Ideal for Grand Prix Race Yachts or as a solution to increased demand for race technology for cruiser/racer yachts. These wheels are built and supplied to order in a variety of sizes ranging from 36"/914mm - 71"/1800mm.

A custom paint finish is available on request; a natural lacquered or carbon finish is also available. The rim of the wheel provides a non-slip handgrip and can be finished in any color.

Part # Description Size Weight
mm in kg lb
LW89700411 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 914 36 1.9 4.2
LW89700412 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1000 39 2 4.4
LW89700410 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1100 43 2.1 4.6
LW89700413 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1200 47 2.2 4.8
LW89700414 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1300 51 2.5 5.5
LW89700415 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1400 55 2.8 6
LW98700383 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1500 59 3 6.6
LW89700416 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1600 63 3.1 7
LW98700451 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1700 67 3.3 7.3
LW89700417 Carbon Y Spoke Wheel 1800 70 3.5 7.7

LW89700383 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 59/1500MM Price: $11,994.27 LW89700411 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 36/914MM Price: $7,601.04
LW89700412 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 39/1000MM Price: $9,287.27 LW89700413 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 47/1200MM Price: $10,063.07
LW89700414 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 51/1300MM Price: $10,522.90 LW89700415 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 55/1400MM Price: $7,557.35
LW89700416 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 63/1600MM Price: $13,930.06 LW89700417 Carbon Wheel 'Y' Spoke 70/1800MM Price: $17,024.02

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