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Lightning 2:1 Jib Block Assembly

Lightning 2:1 Jib Block Assembly Consists of two 29mm Carbo Ti-Lite blocks spliced 8” apart with Amsteel 12. No shackles or rings needed. Just luggage tag them on to your jib.

Harken Carbo AirBlocks are lightweight, strong and reliable. Sideplates of high-strength engineering resin are UV stabilized to provide excellent protection against long-term exposure to salt water and sun. The low-profile Ti-Lite replaces headpost, shackle and spring with high-tech line.

APS093 Lightning 2:1 Jib Blocks Price: $68.77

Lightning Blocks

Lightning Blocks

Belowdeck Vang System
This split boom vang lets you easily adjust the vang from both sides while hiking. The 24:1 purchase uses lightweight Carbo blocks for the power needed to control sail shape without adding weight to the boat. The cascading system uses small high-tech line to help keep everything clean above deck.

Adjustable Ball Bearing Lead Car
Upgrading to an adjustable lead car system allows you to change your lead under sail without having to tack to unload the car. The new Micro CB traveler cars are very small and lightweight, but strong—perfect for the Lightning.

H046 Dinghy Single Thru-deck Price: $46.24 H144 Swivel Base with H150 Cam-Matic Price: $134.29
H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99 H220 Bullet Double Upright Price: $37.36
H2625 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Single Price: $90.38 H2649 40mm/29mm Carbo Traveler Block Set Price: $35.95
H2650 40mm Carbo Single Fixed Price: $22.70 H2700 Micro CB Car w/Pivoting Shackle Price: $102.17
H270712 Micro CB Track, LB, 1.2m (47 1/4) Price: $58.08 H300 Wire Single 1 Price: $32.38
H341 29mm Carbo Single w/Bec Price: $24.55 H342 29mm Carbo Double Price: $38.68
H350 29mm Carbo Cheek Price: $13.51 H371 29mm Carbo Clew Block Assembly Price: $26.80
H375 X-Treme Angle Fairlead for H150 & H365 Price: $16.63

Lightning Gooseneck

Lightning Gooseneck Made by Race Lite, this Lightning specific gooseneck is stainless steel. It's made for a 1/2" by 3" pin and has a 2" flange at its widest point.

RL452 Gooseneck 1/2 x 3 Pin Price: $52.88

Lightning Guy Hook

Lightning Guy Hook Ronstan makes these hooks out of grade 304 stainless steel with neoprene rubber gates. Both hooks include two stainless steel seld-tapping screws, but the RF91 model features a 1/4 inch bolt through attachment.

RF17031 Replacement Rubber Gate Price: $3.89 RF91 Guy Hook w/Bolt Price: $21.21
RF92 Guy Hook, Surface Mount Price: $18.23

Lightning Spinnaker Mast Ring

Lightning Spinnaker Mast Ring Made by Race Lite the ring is 2" OD wide with a 2-3/4" wide opening at the fastener holes.

RL4512 Spinnaker Mast Ring Price: $22.18

Lightning Stem Fitting

Lightning Stem Fitting Made by Race Lite, the Lightning Stem Fitting is 6-1/2" long down the hull and 3" long on the deck portion. It works best with a 25mm Self Contained Sheave and a 3/16 x 1/2 clevis pin. Both are sold separately.

H303 25mm Wire Sheave Price: $21.12 R6631 Clevis Pin 3/16 x 1/2 Price: $3.88

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