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Optimist On-Deck Gear Bag

Optimist On-Deck Gear Bag

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On-Deck Gear Bag

This gear bag is made of a durable sail cloth for a sporty but functional look. It is designed to fit perfectly between the two front flotation bags just below the mast step at a size of approximately 8" x 8" x 8".

Featuring two front pockets, the first is hold a water bottle perfectly while the other is functional for sailing instructions or notes. There is a main compartment that will easily accomodate a spray top and other smaller items.

The bag connects to the bulkhead via a pre-drilled PVC track -- simply slide the gear bag's integral bolt rope into the track and it's firmly attached. Mounting hardware and instalation instructions are included.

Optiparts Universal Camera Mount

Optiparts Universal Camera Mount Universal Camera Mount

Quick and easy to install, this camera mount can be mounted horizontally or vertically via a suction cup. Made of lightweight carbon/ aluminum and suitable for any camera with a tripod mount (GoPro, Contour, or Sony)

EX2640 Universal Camera Mount Price: $225.05

Pro Racer Bailer by Optiparts

Pro Racer Bailer by Optiparts Pro Racer Bailer
1.11 Gallon Capacity

Lightweight and strong, this ergonically designed bailer is larger than any other existing commercially available handbailer. The base is wide and tapered for more capacity with each stroke. Curved bottom to follow the bailing motion.

Triangular top to prevent catching under the gunwale. High handle with return to prevent slipping out of your hand. Reinforced wear areas, rounded front lip and stackable for transport. Weighs 9.17oz (260g).

EX1448 Pro Racer Orange Bailer Price: $15.25

Optiparts Pro-Grip, Non-slip Surface

Optiparts Pro-Grip, Non-slip Surface

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Windesign Pro Grip Non Slip
Black, Red, Blue or Purple

Pro-Grip is a 2 mm thick medium density EVA foam sheet with self-adhesive backing. This product is being used on many skiffs and other trapeze boats like 470, 420 and Contenders.
Size: 1500 x 100 mm.

Praddel (Compact Hand Paddle)

Praddel (Compact Hand Paddle) Optiparts Praddel

Originally intended for single-handers, this is an ultra-lightweight paddle, used with one arm only, so that you can keep your other hand on the tiller extension. Includes mounting tabs.

Required per Opti 2007 class rules.

EX1440 Praddel One-Handed Paddle w/ Mounting Tabs Price: $17.70

Hand Bailers for Opti

Hand Bailers for Opti

Hand Bailers
Clear, Green or Red

EX1442: Large hand bailer, strong construction and large handle. 3.5 liter capacity, weighs 210 gm (7.5 oz). Red or green. Fits perfectly in the corners of the IOD95 Hull.
APS721: Larger 4 liter hand bailer.

EX1442 Hand Scoop Bailer 3.5 Liter Price: $11.80

Optiparts Storage Solutions

Optiparts Storage Solutions Waterproof Lunch/Storage Containers: Stores your lunch or valuables dry. Keep the container in your own boat or in the coach boat. With a hole in the lid to attach a line.
2 sizes: 3 liter: 17 cm high and 6 liter: 26 cm high.

Removable Storage Bag: Can be mounted under existing hatches with the supplied fixing screw. Allows you to store your valuables and drinks whilst afloat.

EX3048 Lunch Container 3L Price: $25.70 EX3049 Lunch Container 6L Price: $30.00
EX3060 Removable Storage Bag Price: $16.15

Optiparts Rowing Seat for Opti

Optiparts Rowing Seat for Opti Optiparts Rowing Seat

Polyester rowing seat for IOD95 and non-IOD Optimists. Unlike other rowing seats, the Optiparts seat has two seperate sections which lock together in the daggerboard well. Easily stored and transported. Does not include oarlocks or oars.

EX1230 Rowing Seat For Opti Price: $338.50 EX1233 Rowing Lock - Set For Opti Price: $19.75

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