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"Get a Grip" ZhikGrip Hiking System

"Get a Grip" ZhikGrip Hiking System

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Originally designed for Olympic class sailors, the ZhikGrip rubber texture on the underside of the padded strap and the top of the boots align to mesh together when hiking. Then when you hike with toes pointed, the boot is forced to stretch, adding significant foot support.

ZhikGrip Hiking System
(970mm) x (80mm)
Ends: 1 eyelet, 1 straight

This combination of boot, ankle and hiking strap helps to relax the foot muscles so you can hike harder and longer, while being better connected to the dynamics of the boat. Boots are available in five styles depending on your preference and needs. Visit our Dinghy Boot Section for all of Zhik's boot options. Hiking straps are available for many popular one designs.

Optiparts Optimist Hiking Bench

Optiparts Optimist Hiking Bench

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Optimist Hiking Bench

Build those hiking muscles from the comfort of your own home. Fully detachable bench, it has an adjustable hiking strap and a padded support. Perfect for that extra training session, it's portable and easy to assemble due to the quick link detachable joint design. Strong enough to stand up to your high performing hiking, but only weighs 8lbs.

EX1500 Opti Hiking Bench Price: $178.90

Optiparts Pro Hiking Straps

Optiparts Pro Hiking Straps Optiparts Pro Hiking Strap
Gray, Padded

Get a better grip with the Pro Padded Hiking Straps. Made of strong Nylon webbing that is partly covered with a wear resistant cloth filled with foam plate material.

Non water absorbing, it strong stitched through construction for durability. Aft end has a pressed ring and sewn flat to prevent twisting. Loops for shockcord to pull up the front for easy access. Font ends are open for mounting with plate or rope.

EX1450P Pro Racer Padded Hiking Straps (pr) Price: $50.65

Optiparts Padded Hiking Strap

Optiparts Padded Hiking Strap Optiparts Padded Hiking Strap

Kiwi-style (padding only underneath) hiking straps for comfortable hiking. Strong Nylon webbing partly covered with wear resistant cloth filled with non-water absorbing foam. Stronger through-stitched construction. Aft ends sewn together with a loop for mounting. The other ends are open for mounting with a plate or buckle.

EX1450 Padded Hiking Straps (pr) Price: $40.00

Optiparts Hiking Strap Mounting Plate

Optiparts Hiking Strap Mounting Plate

Stainless steel plates with two holes for mounting hiking strap and buoyancy bag with strap webbing.

EX1453 Mounting plates for hike strap Price: $2.20

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