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V15 Rudder & Tiller

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V15 Rudder & Tiller

LP85060 Gudgeon For Rudderhead Price: $17.00 LP85076 Lanyard, Rudder Downhaul Price: $20.00
LP85090 Pintle, Lower (HD) Price: $26.00 LP85091 Pintle, Upper (HD) Price: $26.00
LP85117 Rudder, Blade Only Price: $335.00 LP85137 Rudderhead, Complete Price: $252.00
LP85159 Rudder, Complete w/Head Price: $525.00 LP85164 Rudder Lock/Tang Spacer Price: $7.00
LP85165 Rudderhead Spacer, Threaded, Long Price: $8.00 LP85167 Rudderhead Spacer, Thru-Hole, Long Price: $8.00
LP85194 Tiller Extension, Pro, 36" Price: $61.00 LP85211 Tiller, Aluminum, Rigged w/Cleat & 36" Ext. Price: $190.00
LP85212 Tiller, Aluminum, Unrigged Price: $139.00 LP85238 Rudder Lift Stop Price: $10.00
LP91066 Clam Cleat, Black, Plastic Price: $7.00 LP91100 Eye Strap, Two Hole (Laser/C420/Sunfish) Price: $3.00

V15 Daggerboard

V15 Daggerboard

LP85035 V15 Daggerboard, Rigged Price: $725.00 LP91058 V15 Daggerboard Bumper Price: $6.00

V15 Daggerboard Carpet

V15 Daggerboard Carpet The SLG001 Daggerboard Carpet will seal and shim your daggerboard trunk. Has a peel-away backing with an aggressive, waterproof adhesive. You'll need six feet to do the top and bottom of your V15 trunk. Sold by the foot. 1" wide, 1/4" Thick.

Note: Not all V15 daggerboard trunks can accomodate the SLG001 board carpet. The newer hulls (post-2001/'02) incorporate a rubber fender built into the trailing edge which makes glide tape the better shim. If the trunk does not have this fender, it is pre-change and generally a bit looser, making carpet beneficial. This design change took place to make the boats more resistant to the impact of a grounding, but had the effect of tightening up the trunk as an added benefit, thus making the carpet a bit too thick as a shim. Please carefully inspect your daggerboard to determine whether carpet or glide tape will best suit your boat's specific shimming needs.

SLG001 Board Carpet - Adhesive Backed (per ft) Price: $2.42

Japanese Glide Tape

Japanese Glide Tape Self adhesive tape is 3/4 inch wide sold on 26 foot long rolls. Unidirectional low friction tape. Excellent for making dinghy centerboards run smoothly up and down, while giving a snug fit. Also great for shimming up your mast at the partners. Helps provide smooth running companionway hatches on keelboats.

APSGT Japanese Glide Tape, 3/4" x 26' Price: $29.99


UHMW Tape UHMW is an abbreviation for Ultra High Molecular Weight. This polyethylene adhesive backed tape is available with a width of 1" or 2". The 1" is .003 thick and the 2" is 0.02 thick. Offers higher abrasion resistance than steel or teflon and good low friction properties. Sold by the foot or in 108 foot rolls (36 yards) with a peel-away backing.

CPLST UHMW Tape, 1" (Cut by the Foot) Price: $1.53 CPROLL UHMW Tape, 2" x 108' Price: $372.60
CPSTRIP UHMW Tape, 2" (Cut by the Foot) Price: $3.45

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