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RWO Omniflex Universals

RWO Omniflex Universals

RWO Omniflex Universal (R0840): Fits 5/8" tubes. Easily removed for tiller mount. Molded from high quality, elastomeric polymer. Completely omni-directional in operation and capable of millions of flexes without failure. Use a sleeve (R0846) to fit this and other 5/8" universals to a 3/4" tube.

RWO Omniflex Rope Core Universals (R0842): Fits 5/8" tubes. The rope core lets you finish a race and gets you home even if the rubber part of the universal fails. Same mounting and size as the standard black RWO universal.

RWO Universal Tube Adapter (R0846): Use to adapt 5/8" universal to a 3/8" inside diameter tube.

R0840 Universal 5/8 Black Rubber Price: $10.50 R0842 Universal 5/8 Rope Core Price: $37.72

Harken Universal

Harken Universal Harken Universal

A reinforced universal, it has a rope core for extra durability. It has tube diameter of 5/8 in (15.88mm). The Harken Universal weighs .46 oz (13g) and is designed to fit on a Harken Aluminum Tiller Extension. Black rubber construction. Comes with shrink tubing to cover the retaining pin or screw (sold separately).

H7102 Replacement Universal for Tiller Extension Price: $10.16 RUPIN Universal Set Rivet 1/8 Price: $0.96

Ronstan Universal

Ronstan Universal Ronstan Universal Replacement Kit: Fits 5/8" tubes. In flex testing the newest Ronstan Universal was shown to have 15 times the life of their original universal. Easily removed from tiller mount. The RF3133 urethane universal joint permits smooth movement in all directions for precise control and instant helm response with no play in the joint. RF3133 kit comes with universal, mounting base, pin and shrink wrap (to hold pin in).

Ronstan Saddle: Round tiller adapter for the RF3133 that works on both 1" and 1-1/4" diameter tubes. Mounting holes line up with the base holes on RWO and other standard universals.

RF3133 Universal Replacement Kit Price: $13.56 RF3136 Saddle for Ronstan Universal Price: $4.63

Slick Release Tiller Fitting by Sea Sure

Slick Release Tiller Fitting by Sea Sure SeaSure Slick Release Tiller Fitting

A simple design, this replacement universal holds the tiller extension secure while having a slick release feature. By a quick twist of the back tab, it opens, allowing the tiller extension to come out. The extension joint is completely captured within the fitting, so even if the fitting was left open it will not just fall out.

Made with state of the art materials, the Slick Release mounts well on rounded tillers because of its curved mounting surface. However, it can be adapted to flat tillers.

SS2378 Slick Release Price: $17.08

Sea Sure Universals

Sea Sure Universals

Sea Sure Black Universal (SS2367): Black rubber construction. Fits 5/8" diameter tubes. This is the standard flexible universal from Sea Sure.

Sea Sure Red Universal (SS2344): Extra flexible, red rubber construction. Fits 5/8" diameter tubes.

Sea Sure Rubber Mechanical Universal (SS2377): Constructed of composite materials with the flexibility of a rubber universal and the tight feel of a mechanical universal. Will not bind. Fits 5/8" diameter tubes.

SS2344 Red Rubber Universal Price: $10.44 SS2367 Black Rubber Universal - Ribbo Price: $10.88
SS2377 Universal - Composite Price: $16.16

Holt Allen Universal

Holt Allen Universal Holt Allen Pro Tiller Joint: Black rubber construction. Suitable for 1/2" (13mm) inside diameter extensions.

Standard for Holt Allen aluminum extensions.

HA5098 Omniflex Universal Joint 5/8 Price: $7.17

Acme Fatso & Fatso Jr. Universals

Acme Fatso & Fatso Jr. Universals Fatso/Fatso Jr. Universal Replacement Kit: If the universal on your Acme Fatso/Fatso Jr. breaks, this is the replacement for you. Remove the broken universal from your extension and insert this new universal for a "like-new" fit - must be epoxied in (epoxy not included).

Fatso Jr. Repair Sleeve: If you are unfortunate enough to break your Fatso Jr, the ACRSFSJ includes an internal sleeve and West System Epoxy to get you back out on the water.

ACRSFSJ Repair sleeve for Fatso Jr Price: $32.00 ACRUFJR Fatso Jr. Universal Replacement Kit Price: $27.00
ACRUFS Fatso Universal Replacement Kit Price: $27.00

JCD Replacement Swivel Universal

JCD Replacement Swivel Universal These universals are fantastic and can last for years! It is a removable machined socket that houses a swiveling rope-core urethane joint by WinDesign. The joint swivels smoothly from any angle and with zero play, eliminating the twisting loads that cause universal failure – while also allowing you to keep a good grip on the stick during tacks and gybes! The device is adaptable to 16mm (5/8”) with sleeve or 20mm diameter sticks, and is fixed to the stick by a single screw. Weight is 1.3 oz.; adds 2" in length to existing shaft.

JCD001 JCD Universal - Easy Replace Price: $52.00

Forespar Speed Lock Replacement Universals & Parts

Forespar Speed Lock Replacement Universals & Parts

Forespar's innovative Speed-Lock end allows for a full 360° of rotation (twist) without binding or failure. Quickly and easily removed from the tiller by simply depressing the button in the base plate and sliding the end out. Base plate is a polymer material for maximum longevity and the universal can be easily unscrewed from the tiller handle and replaced with simple hand tools, if replacement ever becomes necessary.

FP102220 Kit includes one each of FP202212 Threaded Universal Socket, FP102117 Replacement Universal, FP102120 Universal Base and FP102119 Curved Base Adapter. Parts also available individually.

FP102117 Speed-Lock Replacment Universal Fitting Only, 5/8 Price: $7.16 FP102119 Curved Base Adapter for SL Universals Price: $3.80
FP102120 Speedlock Universal Base Only Price: $2.64 FP202212 Threaded Universal Socket for 7/8 Tube Price: $6.30

Opti Parts Universal Replacement Kit

Opti Parts Universal Replacement Kit Replace the universal on any 5/8" extension with this kit. Includes rope core universal, aluminum rivet and shrink tubing.

EX652950 Universal Rope Core, Quick Rel Price: $13.15

APS Universal Replacement Kits

APS Universal Replacement Kits Aluminum rivets, shrink tube and detailed instructions. Makes universal replacement extremely easy. Enough to replace two 5/8" rubber universals.

APS355 Universal Install Kit - 5/8 Price: $4.97

Spinlock Extension Replacement Parts

Spinlock Extension Replacement Parts

Replacement tiller extension parts are model specific. The C/Series are for pre-1998 extensions while the E/Series are for extensions made from 1998 forward. C/Series and E/Series parts are NOT interchangable.

SPCS411 C/Series Button (pre-'98) Price: $26.69 SPEBUTTON E/Series Replacement Button Price: $10.51
SPECLIP E/Series & C/Series Tiller Clip Price: $11.81 SPEDIABOLO E/Series Diabolo Stand-Up Universal Joint Price: $115.84
SPEFASTPIN E/Series Fast Pin Price: $23.85 SPEJOINT E/Series Universal Complete Price: $68.71

RWO Mechanical Tiller-Top Universals

RWO Mechanical Tiller-Top Universals

R0851: Stainless base and exterior straps with plastic plug. Fits 5/8" tube (1/2" inside diameter). Hole spacing on base is 1-3/16", center to center.

R0500: Stainless base and exterior straps with plastic bushings and hinge spacer. Fits approximately 3/4" tube. Hole spacing on base is 1-5/8", center to center.

R0855: Stainless base with plastic plug. Fits 5/8" tube (1/2" inside diameter). Hole spacing on base is 1-3/16", center to center. Same as R0851 but without exterior straps.

R0712 and R0713: Saddles to adapt either R0851 and R0855 to 1" and 1-1/4" tubes, respectively. Does not work with R0500.

R0500 Tiller Connector Screwdown 3/4 Price: $60.53 R0712 Saddle For 1 Tube Price: $7.94
R0713 Saddle For 1-1/4 Tube Price: $7.94 R0851 Mechanical Universal Screwdown 5/8 Price: $30.76
R0855 Tiller Conn Screwdown Lg Mech Price: $22.16

Forespar TFP-Quick Release Universal

Forespar TFP-Quick Release Universal

Forespar's TFP-quick release universal features a push-button release and is fast, simple and secure. Available as a complete assembly. The receptacle is available separately.

The StaFAST extension is not available separately, but is shown in detail since it is available on several Forespar extensions. Designed to hold the tiller extension in position even when you release it. Has an adjustable tensioner.

FP104004 Forespar TFP-Quick Release Universal, Complete Price: $53.56 FP104006 Forespar TFP Quick Release, Receptacle Only Price: $11.16

Sea Sure Tiller Extension Clips

Sea Sure Tiller Extension Clips Use these molded clips to hold the tiller extension when it is not in use. Matching saddles can be used to mount the clips on round tillers. Use SS2346 for 1" and SS2347 for 1-1/4" diameter tillers.

SS2340 Tiller Ext Clip 5/8 Price: $2.40 SS2346 Saddle 1 - For Ext Clip Price: $2.16
SS2347 Saddle 1-1/4 - For Ext Clip Price: $2.83 SS2384 Tiller Ext Clip 3/4 Price: $3.45
SS2386 Tiller Ext Clip 7/8 Price: $1.65

Ronstan Tiller Extension and Tube Clips

Ronstan Tiller Extension and Tube Clips

Ronstan tube clips are available in a variety of sizes for holding extensions of various diameters, boat hooks, or spinnaker poles.

Use RFPNP43E for standard 5/8" extensions and RFPNP43D for Fatso, Fatso Jr. and X10 extensions.

RFPNP43A Tube Holder - 1-3/4 (44mm) Price: $4.34 RFPNP43B Tube Holder - 1-1/2 (38mm) Price: $3.49
RFPNP43C Tube Holder - 1-1/4 (32mm) Price: $3.49 RFPNP43D Tube Holder - 1 (25mm) Price: $3.49
RFPNP43E Tube Holder - 5/8 (16mm) Price: $2.64

Ronstan Tiller Extension Clips

Ronstan Tiller Extension Clips Tiller extension clips to fit the most common sizes of extensions. We have found these to work very well. Robust enough to not be easily broken yet easy to get the extension in and out of.

RF113516 Tiller Ext. Clip 5/8 Price: $3.91 RF113520 Tiller Ext. Clip 3/4 Price: $3.91

RWO Extension Ends

RWO Extension Ends

R0691: Button cap inserts into 16mm (~5/8") OD Tube (13mm, ~1/2" ID).

R0692: Ball cap fits over 19mm (~3/4") OD Tube.

R0691 Button End 5/8 For 16mm Tube Price: $6.30 R0692 Ball Grip 3/4 For 19mm Tube Price: $7.73

RWO Tiller End Caps

RWO Tiller End Caps End caps fit 5/8" to 1-1/2" diameter tubular tillers. Molded black plastic.

R0685 End Cap - 1 25mm Tube Price: $2.35 R0686 End Cap 1.25 32mm Tube Price: $2.69
R0687 End Cap - 1.5 38mm Tube Price: $2.57

RWO Universal Saddles

RWO Universal Saddles Saddles to fit universals to curved tiller tubes. R0712 fits 1" diameter tillers and R0713 fits 1-1/4" diameter tillers. Molded black plastic. Mounting holes line up with the base holes on RWO and other standard universals.

R0712 Saddle For 1 Tube Price: $7.94 R0713 Saddle For 1-1/4 Tube Price: $7.94

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