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Zuma Sails and Accessories

Zuma Sails and Accessories Sails:

Zuma Dacron Sails, built to exacting standards, Zuma sails are both durable and deliver great performance in a variety of conditions.

Available in 2 different color options:
  • Prussian


Wind Indicators, Batten sets, Deck Covers (Oh my!)
  • Kingfisher Masthead Flag
  • Kingfisher (Laser Type)
  • Deck Cover
  • Batten Set

LP95866 Laser ® Batten Set (3) with Tips Price: $32.00

Zuma Boom and Vang

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Zuma Boom and Vang

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of the Spar Set, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

LP90591 Mainsheet Snap Hook, Chromed Price: $8.00 LP90655 End Plug Price: $8.00
LP90673 Becket Block Kit Price: $24.00 LP90674 Bullet Block Kit Price: $22.00
LP91043 Upper (Large) Traveler Block, Blue Price: $27.00 LP91100 Eye Strap, Two Hole (Laser/C420/Sunfish) Price: $3.00
LP91203 Twist Shackle, 3/16" Price: $11.00 LP91205 Shackle, 3/16" with Pin/Ring Price: $5.00
LP91245 Lower (Small) Traveler Block, Blue Price: $17.00 LP91327 Clam Cleat, Hardkote (Anodized) Aluminum Price: $16.00
LP91330 Harken Fiddle Block w/Jam Price: $37.00 LP91336 Harken Micro Bullet Single w/Becket Price: $15.00

Zuma Upper and Lower Masts

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Zuma Upper and Lower Masts

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of the Upper and Lower Masts (All Years), our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

LP90641 Base Plug Kit, Radial Price: $20.00 LP90647 Connector Sleeve Kit Price: $11.00
LP90654 Gooseneck for Laser Mast Price: $56.00 LP90660 End Plug Kit Price: $11.00
LP90675 Connector Plug Kit Price: $11.00 LP91070 Halyard Cleat, Horn Price: $22.00
LP91100 Eye Strap, Two Hole (Laser/C420/Sunfish) Price: $3.00

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