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Ensign Jib Halyard Adjustment Full System

Ensign Jib Halyard Adjustment Full System This kit includes all the parts needed to add a jib halyard adjustment system to your boat.
  • RWO 8:1 Magic Box
  • 40mm Carbo Cheek
  • Welded Pad Eye
  • 40mm Carbo Single (2)
  • Cam-Matic II Cam Cleat - Micro
  • Cam Cleat Fairlead
  • 3/16" Amsteel - Gray (7 feet)

It does not include cheek block on the side of the mast and the H150 cam cleat for the gross tune, as it assumes you already have those. If you need them they are listed below. Due to varying locations of blocks and throw in the system, we have provided Amsteel for you to splice or tie.

ENSIGN800 Ensign Jib Halyard Fine Tune Kit Price: $398.97 H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99
H2644 40mm Carbo Cheek Price: $26.62 SMAB316 Amsteel Blue: 3/16" (5mm) Price: $0.87

Ensign Jib Halyard Adjustment System

Ensign Jib Halyard Adjustment System

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The Ensign jib halyard fine tune adjustment system is very unique and effective. The key to the ease of adjustment is the 8:1 magic box. As Harken stopped making in early 2000, we are fortunate to offer the RWO 8:1 magic box.

The line from the box is cleated to a H338 small cam cleat. The other end has a 3/16” AmSteel strop running from the clevis pin on the box, through a 40mm Harken carbo block (which is shackled to a second of the same block) and spliced to a welded pad eye (SC7803).

The halyard leads through a 40mm carbo cheek (2644) block mounted on the side of the mast just off of the deck. It the runs through the second of the united singles, back through another cheek (mounted on the deck to port) and back to a large cam cleat (H150). Once the halyard is hoisted and cleated off you can play the line off of the magic box to fine tune halyard tension.

H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99 H2636 40mm Carbo Single Price: $27.68
H2644 40mm Carbo Cheek Price: $26.62 H468 Cam-Matic ll Aluminum Cam Cleat, Micro Price: $26.09
R4530 Magic Box 8:1 , 13-3/4 Price: $251.70 SC7803 Welded Pad Eye 2 x 5/8 Price: $18.24
SMAB316 Amsteel Blue: 3/16" (5mm) Price: $0.87

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