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J/80 Tiller by Karl's Boat Shop

J/80 Tiller by Karl's Boat Shop Karl's Boat Shop J/80 Tiller
Custom Made

Keeps weight to a minimum while increasing steering control with this curved, lightweight and ultra stiff design. Build from sitka spruce, mahogany and WEST system epoxy. Integral stainless steel straps.

KBJ80T KBS J80 Standard Tiller Price: $439.00

J/80 Upgraded Rudder Fittings

J/80 Upgraded Rudder Fittings These robust fittings replace the failure prone ones found on the stock US J/80s. Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel gives you peace of mind. Hand polished to a beautiful shine.

To replace all fittings you will need:
- Transom Gudgeons (Pair)
- Rudder Gudgeons (Pair)
- Long Pin
- Tiller Straps (Pair)

JBS001 J80 Transom Gudgeons (Pair) Price: $146.30 JBS002 J80 Long Rudder Pin Price: $49.50
JBS003 J80 Tiller Straps (Pair) Price: $124.30 JBS004 J80 Rudder Gudgeons (Pair) Price: $366.30

J/80 Wood Tiller

J/80 Wood Tiller Laminated Wood Tiller
Custom Made for J/80

Laminated tillers of alternating strips of 1/4" mahogany and ash. Finished with four coats of varnish. Length is 61-1/2". The butt is 1-3/4" wide by 2-1/4" high. The rise is 11-1/2".

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of this product, our carriers classify it as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

J/80 Tiller Covers

Made with Sunbrella fabric, tiller covers are available in two options, with or without tiller extensions. Made of 100% woven acrylic with flurocarbon finish, Sunbrella fabric is UV, mildew, and water resistant. It is breathable, high-quality lightweight canvas.

Available in Pacific Blue or Gray, the overall length for the tiller cover with an extension is 64", and without is 59".

KIJ80104 J80 Tiller Cover w/o Extension - Sunbrella Price: $104.50 KIJ80106 J80 Tiller Cover w/ Extension - Sunbrella Price: $154.00

J/80 Tiller Cover by Masthead

Made with Sunbrella fabric, it is made of 100% woven acrylic with flurocarbon finish. Sunbrella fabric is UV, mildew, and water resistant. It is breathable, high-quality, lightweight canvas.

Available in Gray.

MSTJ827 J80 Tiller Cover - Sunbrella Price: $50.00

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