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Ronstan Carbon Cam Cleats

Ronstan Carbon Cam Cleats

Ronstan Carbon Fiber Cam Cleats are the strongest, longest lasting of the Ronstan cam cleat line. Designed to be lightweight, corrosion resistant and strong, they are carbon fiber composite cams with Teflon impregnated, acetal slotted bearings and stainless steel coil springs. This provides maximum resistance to heat and abrasion, making them have superior holding power even with high static loads. Unique self cleaning, self lubricating slotted bearings guarantee high performance.

Ronstan cleats work well for control lines, jib sheets and mainsheet cleating. Hole spacing matches Harken cam cleats. The medium size is the standard size, that works well in most applications. The Large size is designed for offshore uses. Specify cap color and size.

Part # Size Line Diameter Fastener Hole Centres Fastener Length Width Height Mean Working Load Breaking Load Weight
mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in kg lb kg lb g oz
RF5000_ Small 2 to 8 3/32 to 5/16 27 1 1/16 M4 5/32 48 1 7/8 24 1 20 3/4 75 165 150 330 20 0.7
RF5010_ Medium 3 to 12 1/8 to 1/2 38 1 1/2 M5 3/16 66 2 5/8 31 1 1/4 26 1 1/4 125 275 250 550 50 1.8
RF5020_ Large 6 to 16 1/4 to 5/8 51 2 M6 1/4 88 3 1/2 41 1 5/8 35 1 3/8 230 510 460 1010 110 3.9

RF5000 C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Small, Grey Price: $22.06 RF5010 C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Medium, Gray Price: $24.61
RF5020 C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Large, Grey Price: $45.56 RF5020Y C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Large, Yellow Price: $45.56
RF5400B C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Small, Blue Price: $22.06 RF5400R C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Small, Red Price: $22.06
RF5410B C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Medium, Blue Price: $24.61 RF5410R C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Medium, Red Price: $24.61
RF5420B C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Large, Blue Price: $45.56 RF5420R C-Cleat Carbon Cam Cleat, Large, Red Price: $45.56

Ronstan C-Cleat Accessories

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Ronstan C-Cleat Accessories

The Ronstan Fairleads work well as a rope guide so you can cleat and release your lines easily. The Ronstan eyestraps come in 3 sizes and mount on top of cam cleats keeping the line captive. Angled bases for Ronstan cam cleats are designed to stack up to 3 bases to achieve the desired angle for the cleat. You can also stack 2 in opposing directions to create a riser. Ronstan riser/ curved surface adapter is perfect for rising a cleat on a flat surface or adapting one to a round surface. The Saddle with stainless steel liner are smooth on top - won't snag your lines and the underside holds the stainless steel liner for strength and smooth running of lines. Ronstan heavy duty front mounter fairlead allows lines to lead from different angles in front of the cleat.

Description Part Numbers by Cleat Suited
Small Medium Large
Mounted Eyestrap Fairlead (Flared Top Saddle) RF5003 RF5013 RF5023
Mounted Eyestrap Fairlead, Stainless Liner (Flared Top Saddle), Gray - RF5013A -
Mounted Eyestrap Fairlead, Stainless Liner (Flared Top Saddle), Black - RF5413A -
Front Mounted Fairlead, Gray RF5005 RF5015 -
Front Mounted Fairlead, Black RF5405 RF5415 -
Riser / Curved Surface Adapter - RF5416 -
Heavy Duty Front Mounted Fairlead, Gray - RF5417 -
Heavy Duty Front Mounted Fairlead, Black - RF5417 -
Wire Rope Guide RF5404 RF5414 -
Wedge Kit RF5402 RF5412 -

* The RF5017 Heavy Duty Front Mounted Fairlead can only be used with medium C-Cleats (RF5010_) manufactured after mid-2005. Compatible cleats have two protruding vertical lines on the base between the entry points for the fairlead stainless steel base wire element.

RF5003 Eyestrap, Small Price: $3.91 RF5013 Eyestrap, Medium Price: $3.91
RF5017 Fairlead HD for Med. T & C Cleats Grey Price: $10.54 RF5023 Eyestrap, Large Price: $6.12
RF5402 Small Wedge Kit Black Price: $6.12 RF5404 Wire Rope Guide Fairlead, Small Black Price: $6.55
RF5405 Front Mounted Fairlead, Small Black Price: $7.91 RF5413A Medium Saddle, F/lead Black with SS Liner Price: $7.91
RF5415 Front Mounted Fairlead, Medium Black Price: $8.76 RF5417 Fairlead HD for Med. T & C Cleats Black Price: $10.54

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