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Spinnaker Halyard Cam Base

Spinnaker Halyard Cam Base

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One of the major "trouble" spots in a race can be the spinnaker launch and takedown -- coordination between the people running the mast and pit has to be perfect and speed (as always) is key. With seconds being crucial, this spinnaker halyard cam base is a perfect way to speed things up while making things easier in the pit.

Here's how it works:
- the launch of the spinnaker is made easier because when the halyard is jumped at the mast, because the cam is now reversed and captive. This takes the pressure off the person jumping the halyard to try and get that last pull into a mast-mounted cam. At the same time, the person running the pit does not have to worry about the spin halyard until things have calmed down and can focus on other duties.
- the douse is made easier because the person running the pit can now easily disengage the spin halyard from the pit with a simple tug of the halyard, bringing it flush with the mast. This allows the person running the mast to assist with the collection of the spinnaker.

Cam cleat not included -- use the existing cam cleat on your boat. You'll need to drill two additional holes for this cam base; don't forget to use a product like Duralac to prevent electrolytic corrosion.

OBM001 Spinnaker Halyard Parking Bracket Price: $50.00

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