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Jib Sheet Fine Tune System

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Jib Sheet Fine Tune System

This system makes jib sheeting and fine tuning so easy. Click on the image above to see a diagram of how the jib sheet is run through the system. You will want to attach two independent blocks to the clew of your jib (one for each sheet – port/starboard).

Basically this system consists of the three controls as follows:

A B C: Gross jib sheet control including track, car, ratchet and cleat. Use 1/4" shock cord for the car take up.
A. Micro car (2) H2700; Control cheek block (1 - sold as a pair) H2704; 40mm Carbo double block (2) H2639
B. 16mm single Airblock with eye strap (2) H442
C. Eyestrap with ferrule (1) RF499
D. 75mm Carbo Ratchamatic (2) H2680
E. Aluminum cam cleat (2) H150

I II III: Car lead control. Use 1/4" line for the car control.
I. Control line tang eye for car (1 - sold as a pair) H2705
II. 16mm Airblock cheek (2) H432
III. Small aluminum cam cleat (2) H338 with molded fairlead (2) H434

1 2 3: Jib sheet find tune. Use 3/16 low stretch line for the fine tune.
1. 29mm Carbo single with becket (2) H341
2. 29mm Carbo cheek (6) H350
3. Small aluminum cam cleat (2) H338 with molded fairlead (2) H434

H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99 H2639 40mm Carbo Double w/Bec Price: $67.23
H2680 75mm Carbo Ratchamatic Single Price: $126.54 H2700 Micro CB Car w/Pivoting Shackle Price: $102.17
H2704 Micro Control Block (pair) Price: $37.05 H2705 Micro Control Tang (pair) Price: $12.19
H341 29mm Carbo Single w/Bec Price: $24.55 H350 29mm Carbo Cheek Price: $13.51
H432 16mm Pivoting Cheek Price: $16.19 H434 Harken Small Boat Furler Price: $252.88
H442 16mm Single w/Eye-Strap Price: $19.49 H468 Cam-Matic ll Aluminum Cam Cleat, Micro Price: $26.09
RF499 Eye Strap w/Ferrule 5/16 Price: $4.85

Sonar Mast Puller

Sonar Mast Puller

This system is a 6:1 cascad consisting of a 3:1 purchase with a 2:1 cascade. A length of 3/16” Spectra single braid is wrapped around the mast (existing hardware mounted on the back of the mast will keep the line from sliding down the mast) and tied off to the Harken 29mm Carbo single (348). A length of 3/16” Spectra is secured to an eye strap (H073) on the under deck, reeved through the single block attached to the mast and dead ended to a Bullet single with becket (H083). A Harken Bullet double (H084) is attached to the eye strap too and 3/16” control line is reeved through the purchase and out to a cam cleat (H150) mounted on the aft end of the outer cabin top. The Sonar mast puller shown above is attached to the same eye strap as the jib halyard fine tune. You may want to use a separately mounted eyestrap to prevent interference between the two systems. If you are wanting to use all Carbo blocks, substitute a single with becket (H341) and a double (H342) for the bullet blocks used in the 3:1.

H073 Eyestrap - Medium Price: $1.89 H083 Bullet Single w/ Becket Price: $16.98
H084 Bullet Double Price: $38.59 H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99
H341 29mm Carbo Single w/Bec Price: $24.55 H342 29mm Carbo Double Price: $38.68
H348 29mm Carbo Single Fixed Price: $12.58

Sonar Jib Halyard Fine Tune

Sonar Jib Halyard Fine Tune

The Sonar jib halyard fine tune is a must have. The Harken system pictured above consists of a bullet triple with becket (H087) mounted to the under deck with an eyestrap (H073). The halyard runs through a single Dinghy Block (H021) to which a Micro triple is attached (H228). Run 3/26” low stretch line through the system and out to a cam cleat (H150) mounted on the aft edge of the cabin house deck. If you would like to use Harken Carbo blocks use a 29mm triple with becket (H345), a 29mm triple (H344) and a 40mm single (H2636).

H073 Eyestrap - Medium Price: $1.89 H087 Bullet Triple w/Bec Price: $56.63
H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99 H228 Micro Triple Price: $39.07
H2636 40mm Carbo Single Price: $27.68 H344 29mm Carbo Triple Price: $50.78
H345 29mm Carbo Triple w/Bec Price: $54.03

Sonar Backstay Control System

Sonar Backstay Control System

This is the Sonar backstay adjustment system pictured above. It consists of classic Harken blocks, but can Harken Carbo blocks can also be easily used. The entire system (port and starboard) consist of the following:

  1. Forged shackle (1) H2108
  2. Double 2.25 block (1) H003
  3. Single 2.25 block (1) H011
  4. Bullet single block (2) H082 w/eyestrap (2) H073
  5. Bullet single block (2) H082 w/eyestrap (2) H073
  6. Bullet cheek block (2) H092
  7. Aluminum Cam Cleat (2) H150 w/eyestrap (2) H201

H003 2.25 Double Price: $95.67 H011 3.00 Single Heavy-duty Price: $77.54
H073 Eyestrap - Medium Price: $1.89 H082 Bullet Single Price: $14.17
H092 Bullet Cheek Price: $17.49 H150 Cam-Matic Aluminum Cam Cleat, Standard Price: $31.99
H201 Eyestrap, Low Profile, Standard Price: $1.89 H2108 Forged D Shackle 6mm Pin Price: $11.00

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