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Flying Tiger 10M: Fancor Furler

Flying Tiger 10M: Fancor Furler

The Flying Tiger 10M comes standard with the Fancor STG Wire Furler. Facnor adapted the racing structural furler for the Open 60 to accommodate 24' to 33' sailing boats.

Unlike a headsail furling and reefing system, but like a Gennaker furler, the structural wire furler does not allow reefing of the sail. It is an in/out system. The sail set on structural wire furler can be fitted with hanks or zip luff. The furling principle is simple: the continuous line drum transfers the rotation to the tack of the sail that furls round the forestay. After a few turns, the rotation is quickly transferred to the top of the sail. With the halyard swivel the sail can be quickly hoisted and lowered the sail as requested.

We have the full kit available if you need to make a complete replacement or we have major replacement kits available for smaller fixes. If you need a specific part that isn't listed, give us a call at 800/729.9767 and we can order any Fancor STG Furler part that you need.

FN43010001510 Facnor Link Plate Kit For 3T Furler Price: $149.10 FN43015001570 Facnor 3T Furling Drum Complete Price: $1,389.94
FN43020001560 Facnor 3T Furling Top Swivel Complete Price: $434.55 FN88021001100 Facnor Halyard Swivel For 3T Furler Complete Price: $462.78
FNSTG3T Facnor STG 3T Wire Furler System Price: $2,435.69

Flying Tiger 10M: Harken Code Zero Furler

Flying Tiger 10M: Harken Code Zero Furler

The Flying Tiger 10M comes with a Fancor system, but if you're looking to upgrade, we'd recommend the Harken Code Zero system.

The eight-faceted sheave-drive grips line aggressively to furl these huge sails with minimal line. Its large diameter makes furling smooth and easy. Arms open to remove the line for quick unfurling, or to strike the furler. A built-in stripper safely guides line out of the furler. The lower unit incorporates a quick sail disconnect by pushing a spring-loaded button.

Compact hardened steel roller thrust bearings handle extremely high luff loads. Furler heights are kept to a minimum, so luff lengths can be at maximum length.

Since furling with this kind of system requires very high luff tension, a 2:1 adapter is available. This fits either the upper or the lower unit, but installation on the upper is advised to prevent halyard twisting. A snap shackle adapter allows quick disconnect.

Code Zero furlers are not for reefing.

Part # Description Drum Dia. Swivel Dia. Line Dia. Pin/Shackle Dia. Lower Unit Weight Upper Unit Weight S.W.L. Break Strength
in mm in mm in mm in mm oz kg oz kg lb kg lb kg
H3101 Unit 0 5 127 2-1/8 54 1/4 - 5/16 6 - 8 5/16 8 26.2 .74 16.8 .47 5,000 2,272 10,000 4,545

Part # Description Fits Pin/Shackle Dia. Weight S.W.L. Break Strength
in mm oz g lb kg lb kg
H3106 2:1 Sheave Adapter Code Zero 0 5/16 8 11 312 5,000 2,272 10,000 4,545
H3111 Snap Shackle Adapter Code Zero 0 5/16 8 8 227 5,000 2,272 10,000 4,545
H3117 Thimble Set (Pair) Code Zero 0 5/16 8 3.7* 105* 5,000 2,272 10,000 4,545
* Weight (Pair)

H3101 Code Zero Furler - Unit #0 Price: $2,272.25 H3106 2:1 Fairlead for Unit #0 Price: $306.55
H3111 Snap Shackle Adapter for Unit #0 Price: $643.73 H3117 Thimbles (1 Pair) for Unit #0 Price: $249.30

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