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E Scow: Important Information From Our Rigging Department

E Scow: Important Information From Our Rigging Department

We Custom Make Rigging When You Order It
If you would like to use a line type, diameter, length or configuration different than what we have listed below, give our Customer Service Department a call at (800)729.9767 and we’ll be happy to customize a solution for you.

Comments and Suggestions
APS is here to support your class and we welcome any opportunity to improve our offerings - if you have suggestions or recomendations, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email us your comments and suggestions.

When Will Your Order Ship?
APS will contact you with within one business day with a day-definite shipping date for your rigging order. All rigging orders are processed on a first come, first served basis and our shipping dates are determined by the current volume of orders in our Rigging Department. Please be aware that at the peak of our season (May - August), rigging times may exceed three business days.

For quicker navigation of our available options, you may choose from the list below or scroll through this page for all of our class legal E Scow rigging options:

E Scow Main Halyard E Scow Jib Halyard (Fiberous)
E Scow Spinnaker Halyard E Scow Jib Halyard (Wire to Rope)

E Scow: Main Halyard

E Scow Main Halyard
Diameter: Varying
Tail Line Option:
Samson AmSteel Blue High Performance Dyneema SK-75/Polypropylene single braid; minimal stretch with zero water absorption

Our main halyards are available in either 3/32” or 1/8” 7x19 wire. The wire halyard is attached to a RaceLite shackle with a swage ball. A double shank swage ball is installed a short distance down the wire according to your supplied measurements for the halyard lock. The easy to grip 1/8” Amsteel Blue messenger line has an eye splice for attaching it to a crimp swaged eye in the end of the wire.

Due to the small size of the halyard exit at the mast top, you will need to install the wire halyard on the mast. With the wire sticking out of the lower mast exit, you then crimp swage a loop through the eye in the messenger (ovalsleeve included).

ESCOW410 E Scow Main Halyard: 3/32" Wire Price: $78.16 ESCOW420 E Scow Main Halyard: 1/8" Wire Price: $85.79

E Scow: Jib Halyard Line (Cleated)

E Scow Jib Halyard Line (Cleated)
Diameter: 1/4" (6mm)
Line Options:
Yale Crystalyne High Performance Vectran core provides zero stretch with a durable polyester cover
New England VPC Mid-Range Performance Blended Vectran/Polypropylene core provides low stretch; minimal water absorption
New England Sta-Set Club/Economy Performance Polyester core provides moderate stretch; some water absorption

Our E Scow Jib Halyard Line (Cleated) is available in three options depending on level of performance, either Pro, Race or Club. All options have a RaceLite shackle eye spliced to the working end. The dead end has a reeving eye to help make installation of your new halyard easy and painless.

ESCOW510 E Scow Jib Halyard: Crystalyne Price: $122.02 ESCOW511 E Scow Jib Halyard: VPC Price: $82.60
ESCOW512 E Scow Jib Halyard: Sta-Set Price: $62.26

E Scow: Jib Halyard (Wire to Rope)

E Scow Jib Halyard (Wire to Rope)
Diameter: 3/16" Tail with 1/8" 7x19 Wire

We have two options for our Wire to Rope Jib Halyard. The first is a 3/16" polyester double braid spliced into 1/8" 7x19 wire with a RaceLite shackle attached to the working end of the halyard. The second option is similar, but the 3/16" polyester double braid is replaced with by Vectrus 12, a high performance Vectran double braid.

Important Note:
For both options, we will need you to provide* the overall length of the halyard that you would like for us to build and the location of the halyard lock ball. Please visit how to measure standing riggingto ensure accurate measurement.

* - You will be prompted for this information when you go to add this item to your shopping cart.

ESCOW520 E Scow Jib Halyard: Wire To Polyester Line Price: $144.65 ESCOW530 E Scow Jib Halyard: Wire to Vectrus 12 Price: $124.32

E Scow: Spinnaker Halyard

E Scow Spinnaker Halyard
Diameter: 3/16" (5mm)
Line Options:
Paraloc Piranha High Performance Dyneema SK-75 core provides zero stretch with an interwoven durable polyester cover
Marlow Super Pre-Stretch Mid-Range Performance Pre-stretched Polyester provides slight stretch with low water absorption; runs quickly
Samson Ultra Lite Mid-Range Performance Dyneema SK-60/Polypropylene core with Polypro cover provides low stretch; zero water absorption

Our E Scow Spinnaker Halyard is available in three options. Our premium option uses Paraloc Piranha that combines low stretch SK-75 Dyneema core and great non-kinking properties with a lightweight swiveling EquipLite shackle spliced and the dead end is whipped.

The first of our mid-range options uses 3/16” Marlow Super Pre-Stretch (firm line that runs well on take-downs) with a Ronstan snap shackle spliced on the working end and the dead end is whipped.

Our final mid-range/economy option uses Samson Ultra Lite (firm cover that runs well), supplied with a bronze sliding bolt hook to be tied with a bowline the working end. Both ends are whipped.

ESCOW611 E Scow Spin Halyard: Super Pre Stretch Price: $105.36 ESCOW612 E Scow Spin Halyard: Ultra Lite Price: $54.05

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