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Andersen Standard Winches Andersen Electric Winches Andersen Winch Maintenance Kits Harken Standard Winches Harken Racing Winches Harken Winch Tools and Maintenance Kits
Andersen Standard WinchesAndersen Electric WinchesAndersen Winch Maintenance KitsHarken Standard WinchesHarken Racing WinchesHarken Winch Tools and Maintenance Kits
Lewmar Standard Winches Lewmar Racing Winches Lewmar Winch Maintenance Kits Selden Winches Winch Handles & Holders
Lewmar Standard WinchesLewmar Racing WinchesLewmar Winch Maintenance KitsSelden WinchesWinch Handles & Holders

Winches, Winch Handles and Winch Maintenance Kits
We have all of the top names in sailboat winches; Andersen Winches (now a wholly owned division of Ronstan), Harken Winches and Lewmar Winches. We have standard winches, electric winches and racing winches. In addition to winches, we also have many varieties of winch handles and winch holders. We also carry winch maintenance kits for all of your sailboat winches.

Andersen Standard Winches: Stainless steel winches, Andersen winches feature a unique Power Rib that allows for a reduced number of turns on the winch, making tacking significantly easier. We carry Andersen Standard Winches, Andersen Classic Winches, Andersen Self Tailing Winches, Andersen Full Stainless Steel Winches.
Andersen Electric Winches: Electric winches make a demanding task easier. Available in as different sized winches and electric configurations, electric winches make grinding in sails easier. We have Andersen Standard Electric Winches, Andersen Compact Electric Winches Above Deck, Andersen Compact Electric Winches Below Deck.
Andersen Winch Maintenance Kits: Keep your Andersen winch in good condition with a winch service kit. Kits include winch pawls, winch screws, winch washers, winch balls, winch bushings, winch circlips, winch armsprings or winch retaining rings.
Harken Standard Winches: They are available in different configurations from the Harken Standard Aluminum Radial Winch, Harken Standard Single Speed Winch, Harken Two Speed Winch, Harken Three Speed Winch, Harken Standard One Speed Self Tailing Winch, Harken Two Speed Self Tailing Winch, Harken Standard Three Speed Self Tailing Winch, Harken Wide Body Self Tailing Winch and Harken Standard Quattro Winch.
Harken Racing Winches: Harken Racing Quattro Winch, Harken Racing Self Tailing Winch, Harken Racing Large Wide Body Self Tailing Winch, Harken Racing Wide Body Three Speed Top Cleating Winch, Harken Ultimate Racing Winch and Harken Racing Pedestals.
Harken Winch Tools and Maintenance Kits: Keep your Harken winches performing at their peak with winch tools and maintenance kits. Available for a variety of models and winch drums, these service parts will keep your sailboat winch performing right. This includes Harken Winch Mounting Rings, Harken Winch Service Kits, Harken Winch Cleaners, Harken Winch Grease and Harken Winch Lubricants.
Lewmar Standard Winches: Designed for cruisers or racers, Lewmar Winches are available in different configurations. These winches include Lewmar CT Winches, Lewmar Standard Winches, Lewmar Self Tailing Winches and Lewmar Ocean Winches.
Lewmar Racing Winches: Lewmar Two Speed Self Tailing Winches, Lewmar Three Speed Racing Winches, Four Speed Racing Winches, Lewmar Three Speed Self Tailing Winches, Lewmar Speed Ring Racing Winches and Lewmar Carbon Power Winches.
Lewmar Winch Maintenance Kits: Spar parts and maintenance kits for your Lewmar winch. We also have Lewmar Winch Lubricants and Lewmar Winch Repair Kits.
Winch Handles and Winch Holders: Dax One Touch Winch Handles, Harken Winch Handles, Lewmar Winch Handles, Antal Winch Handles. For winch handle holders we have a soft handle holder and hard Lewmar Winch Handle Holder.

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