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Tethers & Jacklines
Tethers & Jacklines

Sailing Life Jackets, PFDs, Tethers and Jacklines
Sailing comes with risks and safety equipment like the life jacket or personal flotation device, tethers or inflatables life jackets are a necessary part while on a boat. Tethers and jacklines are another safety staple of the avid sailor, providing the security of attachment to the vessel and must be manufactured according to strict regulations for safety and durability.

Life Jackets (PFD’s): Sailing life jackets are a necessary part of your apparel. The importance of a life vest is obvious and cannot be taken lightly by anyone who steps onboard. Life jackets and personal flotation devices are intended to save lives if you go overboard, keeping them afloat in a head-above-water position. Lightweight fabrics and highly buoyant materials have allowed manufacturer's to increase the effectiveness while modify shape and design of personal flotation devices. U.S. Coast Guard Approved unless otherwise indicated.

Buoyancy Aids: Are great options for highly mobile sailors who can't have any restriction of movement. Close fitting vests have limited buckles or none for an easy in and out. Although not U.S. Coast Guard approved, typically they are CE approved.

Inflatable Life Jackets: For those who want the protection of a life jacket with out the bulk. Inflatable PFD's are available in automatic and manual inflation models. Many inflatable jackets come equipped with pocketed whistles or beacons, with bright colors increase the visibility for any search and rescue party. Models with an accompanying hydrostatic inflation device will help to prevent accidental inflation due to poor conditions. U.S. Coast Guard Type V approved.

Tethers and Jacklines: Available in a number of arrangements specific to the individual's body type and necessary functions. Tethers and jacklines are made of technologically advanced materials and made to detailed specifications to prevent overloading due to their relevance in terms of safety and security.

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