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Guidelines According to ORC/ISAF (Offshore Special Regulations)

Each crew member shall have a harness and safety line that complies with ISO 12401 or equivalent with a safety line not more than 2m in length.

Harnesses and safety lines manufactured prior to Jan 2010 shall comply with either ISO 12401 or EN 1095. Harnesses and safety lines manufactured prior to Jan 2001 are not permitted. A safety line purchased in January 2001 or later shall have a coloured flag embedded in the stitching, to indicate an overload. A line which has been overloaded shall be replaced as a matter of urgency. Snaphooks should be of a type which will not self release from a U-bolt and which can be easily released under load (crew members are reminded that a personal knife may free them from a safety line in emergency).

All of the tethers we offer meet the ORC/ISAF Guidlines.

Deckware Race Tethers (Safety Lines) by Spinlock

Deckware Race Tethers (Safety Lines) by Spinlock

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Spinlock has designed these compact safety lines for performance sailing, making them as light as possible so you can move safely about the boat with ease.

Spinlock Deckware Race Tethers
Available Configurations:
- Two Clip: Performance Safety Line
- Two Clip: Elasticated Performance Safety Line
- Three Clip: Performance Safety Line - Two Link: Single Clip with Cow Hitch Attachment
- Two Link, Elasticated: Single Clip with Cow Hitch Attachment
- Three Link: Two Clip (One Elasticated) with Cow Hitch Attachment
  • Fabric: 5/8" (16mm) line; dry-coated to prevent water absorption.
  • Closures: Spinlock unique FEA-lightened clip that has an easy clip-in/clip-out action for quick movement, full strength, cow hitch (luggage tag) attachment to your harness to minimize weight while providing the safest of attachment methods.
  • Other: Overload indicator (standard on all tethers) clearly indicating that a load of over 1,100lbs (500kg) has been applied to the tether; when the overload indicator is tripped, the tether should be replaced immediately.

Product Review:
These products have been reviewed on the APS Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

SPDWSTR02 Race 2 Clip Safety Line Price: $99.00 SPDWSTR02E Race Clip Safety Line Elasticated Price: $109.00
SPDWSTR03 Race 3 Clip Safety Line Price: $159.00 SPDWSTR2L Race Safety Line: Cow Hitch + 1 Clip Price: $79.00
SPDWSTR2LE Race Safety Line: Cow Hitch + 1 Clip w/ Elastic Price: $99.00 SPDWSTR3L Race Safety Line: Cow Hitch + 2 Clips Price: $139.00

Tethers by Wichard

Tethers by Wichard

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Ensure your safety when moving around the deck, available in two hook elastic or three hook elastic. Featuring an overload indicator and a quick opening snap shackle, don't be caught on deck without one.

ORC Approved Elastic Tether
ORC Approved Elastic Tether - 3 Hook

  • Fabric: Heavy duty tubular nylon webbing; bar tack stitched for ultimate strength and safety.
  • Closures: 316L SS (Non-magnetic) fixed bail snap shackle for harness end attachment, patented double action hook for boat end attachment.
  • Other: Elastic retractable system allows tether to retract from 2 meters to 1 meter in length, Breaking load is 4,580lbs, total length of 6'6-3/4".
Product Review:
These products have been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

WC7007 Elastic Tether - ORC Compliant Price: $195.42 WC7008 3-Hook Tether - - ORC Compliant Price: $288.92

S-Cutter Safety Knife by Spinlock

S-Cutter Safety Knife by Spinlock

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'S' Cutter Safety Knife

‘S’ Cutter is made for severing any clip or loop attached safety line under load when it becomes unreleasable. A guarded razor edge and is easily stowed in in either the special pocket on the deckvest or in a simple pouch worn on a life jacket harness.

A necessary emergency escape accessory, it can also be stowed (in its own Pouch) on any lifejacket or harness belt. It provides a very compact and reliable ‘means of disconnection’ (ISAF and ORC recommendations).

SPDWCTR Spinlock Deckware Safety Knife Price: $24.00

APS Custom Jacklines

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APS Custom Jacklines

APS Custom Jacklines

Tethers and harnesses are only as good as the jacklines to which they are attached. Jacklines are often too stretchy, especially those made of webbing. Remember that jack lines are meant to keep you on the boat, not trolling in the water behind it.

Our jack lines start with 1/4" spectra line that is low stretch, abrasion resistant and has a 6,600 lbs. tensile strength. We eye splice each end (one end can be shackled or luggage tagged and the other lashed and tensioned with some 1/8" spectra line - sold separately). We then cover the entire length with tubular Polyester webbing to protect the spectra line and keep it from rolling under your feet.

1/4" AmSteel Blue- SMAB14 ~ $1.62/ft
1" tubular webbing - BBE124 ~ $.43/ft.
** Labor per jack line is $34.00.

Consider terminating your jack lines at an aft point that is a whole tether length forward of the stern to minimize the danger of falling out of the boat while tethered.

JACKLINE APS Custom Jacklines - Webbing over Dyneema Price: $0.00

Lyf'Safe Jacklines by Wichard

Lyf'Safe Jacklines by Wichard Universal, ready to use and reflective, the Lyf'Safe is a great addition to your safety gear. Whether you're sailing solor or fully crewed, operating on the foredeck in most conditions requires extra attention and safety precautions.

Lyf'Safe Jackline
Available in 8.5m (27.9'), 11m (36'), 14m (45.9') and 16m (52.5')
  • Fabric: Reflective webbing.
  • Fit: Can be tailored to the length of the boat.
  • Closures: Don't require additional fastening components, can be fitted to most deck fastenings (padeyes, pulpit/pushpit, cleats).
  • Other: Anti-abrasion edges to webbing, soft elastomer casing isolates the deck, eliminating noise and vibrations.
  • 2 reflective webbings
  • 2 forged adjusters
  • 2 photo luminescent casings
  • 1 set of eight screws
  • Installation manual

  • WC7051 Wichard LYF'Safe Jackline 27FT, 8.5M Price: $186.92 WC7052 Wichard LYF'Safe Jackline 36FT, 11M Price: $220.92
    WC7053 Wichard LYF'Safe Jackline 46FT, 14M Price: $263.42

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