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Waterproof Jackets and Outerwear Soft Shell Jackets and Outerwear Women's Waterproof Jackets and Outerwear Women's Soft Shell Jackets and Outerwear
Waterproof Jackets and OuterwearSoft Shell Jackets and OuterwearWomen's Waterproof Jackets and OuterwearWomen's Soft Shell Jackets and Outerwear

Women's and Men's Outerwear: Fleece Lined, Soft Shell & Hard Shell Jackets and Pants
When you don't quite need all of the protection that is afforded by full-on foul weather gear, but you need something that is lightweight and will cut spray, wind and light rain, you need something from our Performance Jackets, Vest & Pants. You'll find that this gear is what you'll be reaching for on a cool day to break a cold breeze, dodge a passing shower or deal with a persistent spray off the bow.

The gear in the Waterproof Jackets, Vests and Pants category feature “hard” outer shells that feel a little like traditional foulies while remaining incredibly light. Soft Shell gear has a soft outer face that is usually accompanied by a fleece inner lining; an incredibly tight weave of the outer materials ensures that it will shed any moisture that you encounter.

We also have women's styles available of both the Waterproof and Soft Shell categories; these styles are fitted to a woman's figure and come in more appropriate sizing. Remember to check the sizing charts for these items, because each manufacturer's sizing is unique.

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