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Harken Winch Mounting Ring

Harken Winch Mounting Ring

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Use With: Harken's #16, #32 and #40 winches

These innovative mounting rings for the #16, #32 and # 40 winches are a great solution for servicing your Harken winches, especially if your boat has a complicated headliner; making a detailed service much easier.

No need to drill new holes in the deck and never have to worry about a leaky re-install again – the deck plate never gets removed once installed so you never break the sealant seal on the deck to service your winch. We recommend installing these plates when you’re looking to install a new winch or when you’re getting ready to do a detailed service on your existing Harken winches.

HB947736 16 Winch Mounting Plate Price: $62.81 HB947737 32 Winch Mounting Plate Price: $66.98
HB947738 40 Winch Mounting Plate Price: $73.28

Harken Winch Service Kits

Harken Winch Service Kits

Part # Description Includes Fits Winches
HBK4512 Winch Service Kit 10 Pawls & 10 Springs HB6 - HB980
HBK4515 Racing Winch Service Kit (10mm) 10 17-4 PH Pawls & 10 Springs HB880 - HB1120
HBK4516 Racing Winch Service Kit (8mm) 10 17-4 PH Pawls & 10 Springs HB50 - HB65
HBK4517 Lock-in Handle Repair Kit Lock-in Knob, Spring Pin, Lock-in Spring, Isolator & Lock-in Plate All Harken Handles
HBK4518 Winch Drum Screw Kit 8 Screws - 8mm x 20mm & 8 Plastic Washers HB16 - HB46
HBK4519 Winch Drum Screw Kit 8 Screws - 8mm x 20mm & 8 Plastic Washers HB48 - HB980

HBK4512 Winch Pawl & Spring Kit Price: $33.00 HBK4515 Racing Winch Service Kit (10mm) Price: $272.19
HBK4516 Racing Winch Service Kit (8mm) Price: $227.61 HBK4517 Winch Handle Lock-in Repair Kit Price: $21.65
HBK4518 Winch Drum Screw Kit Price: $29.91 HBK4519 Winch Drum Screw Kit Price: $30.14

Harken Winch Cleaners, Grease & Lubricants

Harken Winch Cleaners, Grease & Lubricants All of these products are advised for use in routine maintenance of your Harken winches, to ensure proper performance and long life:

Harken Winch Grease: a non-aging, high adhesive synthetic lubricant. It is resistant to both salt and fresh water, and protects metal gears, roller bearings, and all moving winch parts from corrosion and wear. Note: do not grease pawls, plastic rollers or balls.

Harken Pawl Oil: used to lubricate pawls and springs for maximum performance.

HBK4513 Harken Winch Grease Price: $13.61 HBK4521 Pawl Oil for Winch Pawls and Springs Price: $10.21

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