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Bosun's Chair by Harken

Bosun's Chair by Harken

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A comfortable bosun's chair? Yes! The bosun's chair from Harken has an extra wide padded seat and 1" thick foam for your comfort. Adjustable back support to fit your body type, it even has multiple tool and hardware pockets or attachments to fit all of your needs.

Harken Bosun's Chair
One Size
  • Fabric: Ballistic nylon construction with high-strength webbing.
  • Adjustment: Adjustable back support, adjustable safety belt.
  • Other: U.S.-made stainless steel triangle attachments, two roomy pockets for tools, D-ring attachment on each side for heavy tools or parts, downhaul attachment on the bottom of the chair, 1" thick foam for comfort, extra-wide padded seat, carrying case.
Product Review:
These products have been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

H2234 Bosun's Chair Deluxe Price: $207.40

Bosun's Chair by Crewsaver

Bosun's Chair by Crewsaver

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This is simply the best bosun’s chair we have ever used. Stay safe and comfortable while going up the rig, even has a detachable pouch for holding your tools.

Crewsaver Bosun's Chair
One Size
  • Fabric: PVC coated Nylon.
  • Adjustment: Adjustable waist and leg straps to keep you securely positioned and attached.
  • Other: Two sewn in welded stainless steel triangle attachments, detachable tool pouch with webbing tool rack, removable wooden seat.

CR11301 Crewlift Bosun's Chair Price: $119.96

Topclimber Bosun's Chair by ATN

Topclimber Bosun's Chair by ATN The Topclimber is the only bosun's chair that allows the operator to work ABOVE the mast head without leaving the chair. Fast and easy to setup and simple to use. Uses the leg muscles to climb, allowing you to reach the mast head not exhausted by the ascent.

Topclimber Bosun's Chair
One Size

Consists of two parts: (1) A bosun's chair with back rest and one-way jammer, and (2) leg straps with loops for the feet and a second one-way jammer.

Climbing is done by alternatively standing up on the leg straps (so you slide up the one-way jammer of the bosun's chair), and then sitting onto the the bosun's chair (so you slide up the other one-way jammer), then again standing up on the leg straps. It's that easy!

ATN001 Mast Climber Price: $450.00

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