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Dry Suit Seals & Maintenance Wet Suit Maintenance
Dry Suit Seals & MaintenanceWet Suit Maintenance

Dry Suits, Wet Suits and Wetwear
Dry suits, wet suits, and wetwear are representative of the culmination of technology and experience in protecting yourself against the elements. These weather and water-resistant garments give the wearer a physically protective boundary like a second skin that can make all the difference between an epic sea voyage and a personal maritime tragedy.

Dry Suits: Designed to keep you fully protected against the elements, these 100% waterproof suits protect you against cold water allowing casual boaters, keelboat sailors or dinghy sailors to stay protected. The suit covers your whole body except your head and hands. Dry suits can be worn with a variety of clothing underneath. Base layers work well in warmer climates and thermal layers in colder temperatures. It can be paired with gloves, shoes, boots. Waterproof zippers create the seal that keeps you 100% waterproof and are great for colder climates in any boat from dinghies to trans ocean boats.

Wet Suits: Usually made of an neoprene, these suits are sailing specific and provide thermal insulation to a lesser degree, but also abrasion resistance and buoyancy from the neoprene foam material. Wetsuits are available in different thicknesses that provide varying levels of insulation. These thicknesses also provide the generic classification used in wetsuits, which come in many shapes and styles, including shorty, short arm, steamer designed for sailing. Some have hoods that help maintain important body temperatures.

Wetwear: Waterproof, high quality active wear provides a variety of uses from sun protection, warmth or hiking protection. Typically made of neoprene, they provide a range of warmth and protection against the elements. As most common active-wear is not engineered for extreme weather hardiness, various forms, materials, and styles of wetwear or other spray-proof apparel are used in any kind of cruising or racing from dinghies to offshore.

Dry Suit Seals & Maintenance: Latex seals can be pierced by sharp objects and tear. Less impermeable neoprene seals can be easily repaired by utilizing urethane-based or other waterproof adhesives and patch kits. Emergency on water repairs use neoprene-based contact cements which cure in far less time, while maintaining strong, flexible bonds.

Wet Suit Maintenance: Torn, ripped wet suits can be mended easily with curable wetsuit glue and/or patch kits. To avoid most damage, taking good care by always washing inside and out with fresh water is essential, and some scuba divers recommend usage of mold inhibitors.

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