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Hiking Shorts and Pants Droop Hiking Suits Spandex/Lycra Protective Layers Hiking Belts Foredeck/Mast Harnesses Junior Hikers
Hiking Shorts and PantsDroop Hiking SuitsSpandex/Lycra Protective LayersHiking BeltsForedeck/Mast HarnessesJunior Hikers
Offshore Harnesses, Tethers and Jacklines Trapeze Harnesses Droop Harnesses Bosun's Chairs
Offshore Harnesses, Tethers and JacklinesTrapeze HarnessesDroop HarnessesBosun's Chairs

Hiking Pants, Hiking Belts Harnesses
Hiking a lifeline is invigorating and a skill practiced by any serious sailor. The importance of proper equipment when hiking can't be underestimated in terms of safety and efficiency. There are many accessories that increase the effectiveness and security when hiking, including specially designed hiking pants and shorts, harnesses and tethers. Also available is spandex/lycra protective layers to go over hiking accessories to protect and add abrasion resistance.

Hiking Pants and Shorts: Used to protect and support yourself when hiking. Usually constructed of lightweight, UV resistant materials, hiking gear must be flexible enough to accommodate all the movement of hiking. Hiking pants and shorts must be quick drying and reinforced with extremely durable materials to prevent abrasions and burns from lifelines or non-skid decks. Available in many configurations; removable pads, battened pads or neoprene padding, each works best in different situations. A great addition to your sailing apparel.

Hiking Belts: Equipped with a maximum amount of padding for comfortable hiking on lifelines for long periods of time. Hiking belts will generally cover from the midsection to the thigh, with adjustable straps around the legs and waist. Padding of a hiking belt is typically made up of a waterproof shell, packed foam core with quick-drying materials close to the body. Hiking belts can increase the comfort level exponentially when spending a day hiking on lifelines. Some belts are available with pockets integrated for easy access to tools and equipment.

Harnesses, Tethers and Jacklines: Available in a number of arrangements specific to the individual's body type and necessary functions. Tethers and jacklines are made of technologically advanced materials and made to detailed specifications to prevent overloading due to their relevance in terms of safety and security. Harnesses to be attached to tethers or jacklines are adjustable. High-end lines of sailing harnesses have been designed for freedom of movement while clipped in, without jeopardizing safety. Harnesses are generally fabricated with super-light materials and highly adjustable to fit over foulies or sailing clothes.

Trapeze Harnesses: Designed for hiking off a trapeze rigged boat, trapeze harnesses are designed to support your back and shoulders while remaining useful to the hiking process. Available with a wide range of adjustments and hook arrangements, trapeze harnesses are a necessary part of most dinghy boats.

Droop Hiking: Specifically designed for droop hiking, the hiking suits and harnesses help this type of hiking. Suits are available for a variety of temperatures and season. Made with neoprene they protect your full body against the pains of droop hiking.

Bosun’s Chairs: Advancements in the design of bosun's chairs parallel those of tethers and jacklines in terms of materials and ergonomic creativity. When working aloft, a bosun's chair is the sailor's failsafe from serious injury or death. Built for comfort over extended hours in addition to safety and rigidity, bosun's chair's have back rests and tool pockets with variations in the number of pockets and thickness of material.

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