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Blue Lizard Sunblock

Blue Lizard Sunblock

What sets Blue Lizard apart?

You'll never catch us with a tan
Blue Lizard is dedicated to promoting healthy skin and reducing incidence of skin cancer. We are strictly a sunscreen company and always will be. You will never find products here that encourage natural tans. If you want to be bronzed, do it the healthy way - by slathering on Blue Lizard and self-tanner before you go outside.

"More" isn't always better
It is a common misconception that higher SPF means more sun protection. That's simply not true. Each Blue Lizard formula offers more than 30 times your skin's natural protection against UVB rays. We list our SPF at 30+ to preserve the integrity of our Australian roots. We still test according to Australian Standards, which are much more stringent than FDA regulations. If you are applying correctly, SPF 30 is really all you need, and 30 is all that Australian Standards will allow sunscreens to claim!

It's like a secret recipe
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is made with a unique micronized Zinc Oxide that allows the protectant to form an even barrier against UV rays. Other sunscreens are less technologically advanced - they don't blend on to the skin as easily and don't stay on as long.

I'd like my Lizard juice-free, please
With Blue Lizard's chemical-free formulas, you know that your skin is completely safe from ultraviolet radiation. With 10 percent Zinc Oxide and 5 percent Titanium Dioxide, harmful sunlight is reflected before it has a chance to penetrate the lower layers. Cheaply made, higher SPF sunscreens are juiced up with chemical absorbers. That means that UV rays have the opportunity to get into the skin, where the chemicals trap it and "trick" your skin into thinking it's not going to burn. Plus, studies have shown that high levels of chemical absorbers can leak into your bloodstream! Click here to see how Blue Lizard's Sensitive formula is just as if not more effective than another brand's sunscreen.

Look closely
Don't be fooled by all sunscreens that tout Zinc Oxide as a main ingredient. Dermatologists recommend at least 5 percent Zinc Oxide (Blue Lizard has 6 or 10, depending on formula). Some sunscreens will place the glaring words "ZINC OXIDE" on their packaging but only contain 1 or 2 percent!

It's not gonna work if it doesn't stay on
The FDA requires water-resistance testing in 80 minutes of still water. Australian Standards are 240 minutes in whirlpool water. Which criterion do you think Blue Lizard fills? That's right. It's three times more water resistant than most other sunscreens, so think twice the next time you see a "waterproof" claim on a bottle of sunscreen.

Yes, it's creamy; that's because it works
No, Blue Lizard doesn't come in a spray, gel or mousse. To do so would be to compromise the best formulated sunscreen on the planet and we just can't do that.

Keeps You Cooler…
Chemical based sunblocks work by absorbing light (UVA/UVB) and converting it to heat. Blue Lizard Sensitive and Baby use minerals only which work by reflecting light thus keeping you cooler.

BLBB5 Blue Lizard 30+ SPF Baby 5 oz. Bottle Price: $18.99 BLRG5 Blue Lizard 30+ SPF Regular 5 oz. Bottle Price: $17.99
BLRGGAL Blue Lizard 30+ SPF Regular 1 Gallon Pump Price: $250.00 BLSN5 Blue Lizard 30+ SPF Sensitive 5 oz. Bottle Price: $18.99
BLSN9 Blue Lizard 30+ SPF Sensitive 8.75 oz. Bottle Price: $28.99 BLSNGAL Blue Lizard 30+ SPF Sensitive 1 Gallon Pump Price: $275.00
BLSP5 Blue Lizard 30+ SPF Sport 5 oz. Bottle Price: $17.99

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