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Speedwatch - Wireless Speed Computer

Speedwatch - Wireless Speed Computer

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The JDC Speedwatch combines accuracy with wireless convenience to provide an incredibly versatile method of measuring speed and distance through the water - it's like a full bank of instruments on your wrist!

The system works on a simple principle -- the impeller that is mounted to your boat, via one of the three included attachment options (transom mounted flip-keel, a keel clip mount or a fin attached to the bottom of the boat), creates a magnetic field as it spins through the water. That magnetic field is picked up and measured by a radio transmitter inside of the hull, up to 12" away from the impeller. The information from the radio transmitter is then beamed out to the Speedwatch, up to 13 feet away, providing instant information right on your wrist, such as current and average speeds, distance traveled, trip distance, acceleration, time traveled, and chronometer and countdown timers.

The Speedwatch is far more accurate than a GPS, since it measures actual speed and distance through the water, not over land. Powered by lithium batteries, the wireless transmitter and wrist display are good for up to 12,500 nautical miles of readings.

Included in Kit:
Speedwatch Display (with Velcro Strap), Radio Transmitter, Impeller, Clip Mount, Fin Mount, Keel Mount (with Swing Bracket and Fasteners), Deck Mounting Plate, Battery.

Features and Specifications for the Speedwatch

  • Automatic or manual chronometer
  • Programmable countdown timer for regatta starts
  • Clock
  • Waterproof
  • Backlight illumination is red to preserve night vision

  • Display Modes:
  • Current Speed - measured from 0.30mph up to 40mph. Units of measurement are in km/h, m/s, knots and mph.
  • Balanced Speed
  • Average Speed of the Trip - measured to the hundredth of selected unit.
  • Maximum Speed
  • Display of Speed Increase or Decrease
  • Distance of the Trip
  • Global Distance Traveled

  • Installation:
  • Fix the impeller in the water with 1 of the 3 included fins. It may be possibile to use the existing paddle sensor of your boat.
  • Place the radio transmitter inside the hull within 12" of the impeller.
  • A magnetic transmission from the impeller goes through the hull to the radio transmitter without any holes (JDC patent). The radio transmitter send this information to the display unit, up to 13' away.
  • The display can anywhere on the boat - fixed to the boat or to your wrist. Each crew member can also have their own display unit, so the whole crew has the information they need at their fingertips.
  • Calibration is possible to match any kind of speed sensor.

  • Operation
  • The radio transmitter and the display are powered by lithium batteries. Due to the low power consumption of the kit, up to 12,500nm can be sailed without changing battery (results will vary).
  • The low radio frequency (8.2 kHz) should not interfere with any other wireless devices on your boat.

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