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Hand Bearing Compass by Weems & Plath

Hand Bearing Compass by Weems & Plath A great compass for any sailor or tactician who prefers the tradional methods of taking line shots and bearings. This compass features a protective yellow rubber collar with a lanyard to keep it attached to you even in the most stressful situations. Superior damping gives it quick and highly accurate readings within 1 degree and instead of using a traditional "lubber line", it uses the object for a more accurate and easier read. Worried about using it in the dark? Fear not, it contains a photo luminescent card which provides battery free illumination.

WP2005 Hand Bearing Compass Price: $129.99

Vion Mini Handbearing Compass by Steiner

Vion Mini Handbearing Compass by Steiner

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Affectionately known as the "hockey puck" for its shape, size, rugged, and plucky character, this is the best hand bearing compass we've found. It's small enough to slip into a pocket, light enough to hang by its neck strap, and has its own phosphorescent chemical light source (requires exposure to sunlight) for night use. A rubber shock resistant caseguard protects both the compass and the user, and a special damping system allows the card to swing smoothly without wild fluctuations, and stop at the bearing point almost immediately. Perfect for shooting the line, figuring course bias, determining laylines, etc. Horizontal and vertical reading, 3-31/16" x 1-1/8" thick. Accurate to one degree, no parallax error. 1 Year warranty.

STEHP2 Vion Mini 2000 Handbearing Compass Price: $125.70

Plastimo Iris 50 Handbearing Compass

Plastimo Iris 50 Handbearing Compass This compass has a shock resistant blue rubber housing that also feels soft in your hand and will not slip (even if it is wet). The card is very easy to read with 1 degree graduations. Completely maintenance free, impervious to corrosion, and operates without batteries or radioactive tritium. This hand-bearing compass has a night glow photoluminescent card and comes with a neck cord.

Plastimo Iris 100 Handbearing Compass

Plastimo Iris 100 Handbearing Compass An ideal compass for small boats -- the Plastimo Iris 100 is a universal compass -- It can be installed on any inclination or in any position (vertical, horizontal, laying flat, upside-down...). The Iris 100 can be used as a course compass to take hand bearings or as a main steering compass from its mounted position. Comes with a smooth-edged bracket that will not catch sails or hurt fingers. And it floats too. Available in either a yellow or blue compass bezel model.

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