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Small as it is, the WaterBuoy is very strong and will lift items up to 1kg of dry weight. It can be used to protect so many of your valuable items, from keys, to cameras, to fishing tackle, etc. Featuring an integral light, the WaterBuoy is visible at night with its unique and patented flashing light that will last for at least 24 hours.

The unique patented trigger mechanism of the WaterBuoy is designed to activate the device after seconds of submersion in normal temperatures. This means that your valuables won't drift too far or sink too far before they resurface. It is also designed to minimise the chance of accidental activation -- the WaterBuoy must be submerged; splashing will not set it off.

SES110 Water Buoy - 1kg Auto Inflate Lift w/Light Price: $16.45

Davis Key Buoy's

Davis Key Buoy's

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Never lose keys in the water again! Davis' Key Buoy maintains buoyancy on the surface of the water for about 40 minutes, and is suitable for items weighing up to 4.2 oz. (120 g). Within 30 seconds of falling into the water, Key Buoy pops open and a 14" bright orange air tube (for easy sighting) is released to bring your keys back to the surface.

Measuring in at just 2.4" x 1.6" x 0.6", the Key Buoy is sleek and does not add unneccesary bulk or weight to your keyring. The Davis Key Buoy is suitable for single use only. The activator is sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid, which is a mild irritant. Prevent contact with eyes and skin; avoid inhalation. Activated product should be promptly disposed.

DV530 Key Buoy Self-Inflating Price: $5.94

Harken Micro Block Key Ring

Harken Micro Block Key Ring This distinctive key ring consists of Harken's Micro Single H224 genuine ball-bearing block. It's a subtle way to let others know your passion for sailing and to have a dinghy control block spare.

H2433 Harken Micro Block Key Ring Price: $10.88

Wichard Shackle Key & Bottle Opener

Wichard Shackle Key & Bottle Opener Multi-purpose tool from Wichard. Forged from durable stainless steel. It's both shackle and bottle opener. Weighs 60 grams. One tool you won't want to forget to bring on the boat!

WC10303 Stainless Shackle Key & Bottle Opener Price: $14.45

APS Key Ring

APS Key Ring

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APS Key Ring
Black w/ APS Orange
One Size

Made from high quality nickel plated hardware and nylon webbing with APS logos these key rings will show everyone you share our passion for performance sailing.

APSCL55 APS Key Ring Price: $7.95

Wichard Keyrings

Wichard Keyrings These keyrings are made with the same attention to detail and quality components as all Wichard products are known for. Forged in France, and made of marine grade 316L stainless steel. They are functional, elegant, and built to last. Makes a great gift!

WC9304 Key Ring - Pin Shackle Price: $13.18 WC9305 Key Ring - Snap Hook Price: $20.23
WC9306 Key Ring - Snap Shackle Price: $55.51

Opti Keychains

Opti Keychains Flexible rubber keychains in your choice of three vibrant colors; Blue, Green, or Red. Show your class spirit!

EX1475 Opti Key Ring - Blue Price: $5.45 EX1476 Opti Key Ring - Green Price: $5.45
EX1477 Opti Key Ring - Red Price: $5.45

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