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Catamaran Racing, 3rd Edition

Catamaran Racing, 3rd Edition Catamaran Racing, 3rd Edition
By: Kim Furniss & Sarah Powell
96 Pages

If winning cat races is your goal - look no further. You will find the winning formula here. Catamaran Racing shows you how to improve from club level to world championship standard. You will learn how to set realistic goals, how to make your boat the fastest on the water, and how to outsail and outmanoeuvre the opposition. And every point is fully illustrated with photo sequences of the authors in action - so you can see how it's done. Part 1 gives speed techniques - for all conditions and all points of sailing. Part 2 explains race tactics - how to outwit the opposition on the racecourse. Part 3 shows how to give your boat blinding speed. Part 4 demonstrates how to tune the rig, and tweak it for peak performance

RHFER021 Book: Catamaran Racing - 3rd Ed Price: $21.95

The Catamaran Book, 3rd Edition

The Catamaran Book, 3rd Edition The Catamaran Book, 3rd Edition
By: Brian Phipps
128 pages

The book that covers all that is Cat sailing. By starting at the beginning with the basics of sailing, with an explanation of how the wind and sails work. It has great information about rigging, launching and sailing all types of trailerable catamaran. It is now enlarged to cover gennakers, asymmetrics and twin-wire trapezing.

The Catamaran Tuning Guide

The Catamaran Tuning Guide The Catamaran Tuning Guide
By: Michael Fragale (Edited by Rick White and Mary Wells)
128 Pages

This is a how to book on catamaran sailing, tuning, rigging and racing. It covers setup, prep and tuning of the boat (including hulls, crossbeams, trampoline, rigging of mast and stays, rudder alignment, running rigging and sails).

Also touches on wind, weight and water Factors to determine sails settings, mast bend, rudder rake and sailing techniques.

Catamaran Racing for the 90's

Catamaran Racing for the 90's Catamaran Racing for the 90's
By: Rick White and Mary Wells
340 Pages

Don't be put off by the title. This book is still a current bible for catamaran racing. This book is a pool of thoughts of the World's Greatest sailors. It covers catamaran and trimaran tuning, boat handling, sail handling (including spinnakers/reachers/hooters), tactics, and much more.

Written by the Hall-of-Famer and guru of multihulls, Rick White who tells it all, and then goes the extra mile to include chapters by such greats as Randy Smyth, Carlton Tucker, Hobie Alter, JR, Larry Harteck, Bob Curry, Dave Calvert, Roy Seaman, and Wayne Schafer.

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