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Higher Performance Sailing

Higher Performance Sailing Higher Performance Sailing
By Frank Bethwaite
512 Pages

Based on 25 years of research and Olympic coaching, Higher Performance Sailing reinvents the strategies of sailboat racing. It presents revolutionary explanations of wind prediction. and boat design, a fundamental rethinking of how to sail a boat fast—literally faster than the wind. Bethwaite's theories boosted the average speed of the highest-performance sailboats from two-thirds the windspeed to windspeed or faster. Bethwaite is Australia's most successful Olympic coach, and his family includes three Olympic sailing champions and three world champions. This book will have a revolutionary impact on racing sailboats and the way they are sailed.

"Essential for any serious racing sailor." —Gary Jobson

RHACB077 Book: Higher Performance Sailing Price: $65.00

Racing: A Beginner's Manual, 3rd Edition

Racing: A Beginner's Manual, 3rd Edition Racing: A Beginner's Manual, 3rd Edition
By: John Caig and Tim Davidson
100 Pages

Make the jump from cruising to racing with this beginner's manual. Step-by-step training for dinghy sailors who are ready to start racing. It shows basics in rules, strategy and tactics. Learn starting tactics, successfully getting around a race course and avoiding conflicts. Fully illustrated with color photos and diagrams.

RHFER030 Book: Racing: A Beginner's Guide 3rd Ed. Price: $19.95

Keelboat & Sportboat Racing

Keelboat & Sportboat Racing Keelboat and Sportboat Racing
By: Glyn Charles
96 Pages

Olympic star helmsman explains how to go fast in conventional keelboats and the new sportboats. Covers how the rig works and proper adjustment for conditions, using all-purpose sails across the full wind range, how to sail fast in a straight line, how to use waves, tacking and gybing properly, handling a spinnaker (be it asymmetric or conventional) and a variety of hosts and drops, and when to use them.

RHFER061 Book: Keel & Sportboat Racing Price: $19.95

Race Training: Coach Yourself to Success

Race Training: Coach Yourself to Success Race Training: Coach Yourself to Success
By: Rick White
160 Pages

By practicing in this structured way, the author guarantees that you will sail faster, better and smarter - and will ultimately win races. The drills apply to all types of boat - monohulls, multihulls and sailboards. The equipment needed is minimal - the only thing you really need is the desire to improve your performance.

Race training is divided into major sections: Boat handling, starting, mark rounding, tactics and finishing. Each section has pre-thoughts on what you're trying to achieve, followed by carefully designed drills.

RHFER057 Book: Race Training Price: $26.95

Sailboat Racing with Greg Fisher

Sailboat Racing with Greg Fisher Sailboat Racing with Greg Fisher
By: Tom Hubbell
170 Pages

Take some tips from one-design veteran and multiple class champion, Greg Fisher. Through a combination of how-tos and enlightening anecdotes, this packed-with-photos book will be your go-to guide when you decide to up your level of performance and fun.

HJP001 Book: Sailboat Racing w/Greg Fisher Price: $25.00

Faster & Faster

Faster & Faster Faster & Faster
By Bob Fisher and Barry Pickthall
105 Pages

The story of the 1993-94 Whitbread Round the world race (Now the Volvo Ocean Race), one of the highest profile yachting events in the world because of it's intense competitiveness, testing conditions, staggering expensive campaign and, most of all, its high caliber sailors.

With accounts from crews from various boats competing, Fisher and Pickthall have covered in detail every thrilling race since the first in 1973. With spectacular action photography, the magic and excitement of this grueling race is captured.

RHSHP235 Book: Faster & Faster Price: $19.95

Tuning Yachts and Small Keelboats

Tuning Yachts and Small Keelboats Tuning Yachts and Small Keelboats
By: Lawrie Smith
63 Pages

This book starts off with a step-by-step guide to setting up fractional and masthead rigs - checking the fittings, putting the mast in the right place and assembling the standing rigging.

Then its time to go sailing, and get down to some serious tuning. The author looks at the rig controls, and shows how to adjust them for the condition of the moment. With the rig set up, he turns his attention to the sails, and explains how to trim them for maximum efficiency on every point of sailing. He shows you the sail shape to aim at, why it works, and hw to achieve it. In short, how to make your boat the fastest on the water.

RHFER005 Book: Tuning Yachts & Small Keelboats Price: $19.95

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