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The Sailor's Wind

The Sailor's Wind The Sailor's Wind
By: Stuart H. Walker
384 Pages

Stuart Walker's intelligent, straightforward explanation of why wind behaves as it does and what it is likely to do next draws upon his sixty-plus years of sailing experience and his vast knowledge of meteorology.

The Sailor's Wind first describes each aspect of wind behavior in context, challenging readers to analyze wind flow as though they were experiencing it on the water. It also explains what principles determined the wind's behavior, using recent meteorological research, instrumented observations, and studies of computer models. This book enables sailors not only to understand the wind but also to harness it.

The Sailor's Wind - Locale Guides

The Sailor's Wind - Locale Guides The Sailor's Wind: Local Guides
By: Dr. Stuart Walker
20-30 Pages (Varies by Guide)

These guides are the basis for Dr. Walker's book on local knowledge, The Sailor's Wind. Each gives insights common to local meteorologists and sailmakers and is a must-have if you're going to a new area.

Guides cover:
Toronto, ON Annapolis, MD
Rochester, NY Savannah, GA
St. Petersburg, FL Miami, FL
Long Island Sound, NY Kingston, Jamaica
Mountain Lakes (General) Narragansett Bay, RI

APSSW1 Book: TSW - Annapolis & Chesapeake Price: $12.00 APSSW10 Book: TSW - Toronto Price: $8.00
APSSW2 Book: TSW - Savannah Price: $8.00 APSSW3 Book: TSW - St. Petersburg Price: $8.00
APSSW4 Book: TSW - Miami Price: $8.00 APSSW5 Book: TSW - Long Island Sound Price: $8.00
APSSW6 Book: TSW - Kingston Price: $8.00 APSSW7 Book: TSW - Mountain Lakes Price: $8.00
APSSW8 Book: TSW - Narraganset Bay Price: $8.00 APSSW9 Book: TSW - Rochester Price: $8.00

Tides & Currents

Tides & Currents Tides and Currents
By: David Arnold
64 Pages

Tides and currents are predictable, yet few sailors use them to the best of their advantage. Whether you sail a dinghy, a yacht or a board, enormous gains can be made by understanding how the water moves.

This book explains clearly how to find out about the predicted water flow, how local effects will modify it, and how to plan your strategy on an Olympic triangle, an inshore course or an offshore race.

Wind Strategy

Wind Strategy Wind Strategy
By: David Houghton and Fiona Campbell
96 Pages

How to predict the wind over the area of the race course. Includes using local data to predict the wind, and examples of wind planning at a number of major regatta venues.

David Houghton has been weather advisor to Britain's Olympic, Admiral's Cup, America's Cup and Whitbread teams for over 30 years. His experience of meteorology, sailing and regatta venues is encyclopedic.

Product Review:
This product has been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

RHFER033 Book: Wind Strategy, 3rd Ed. Price: $24.95

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