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Advanced Optimist Boat Speed - DVD

Advanced Optimist Boat Speed - DVD Advanced Optimist Boat Speed - DVD

Set up for optimum speed in all conditions by sailors of differing size. Max boat speed is demonstrated by top sailors on all legs of the course. Having boat speed is the only way to race competitively. The first Optisailors DVD was such a worldwide success that Alejandro Sole and Gonzalo Pollitzer's new BOAT SPEED DVD is sure to help you sail faster. Ale and Gonzalo are both International Optimist coaches and Ex Optimist champions (European, South American, and World Champions.)

Optimist Handbook by RYA

Optimist Handbook by RYA RYA Optimist Handbook
By: Alan Williams
271 Pages

The Optimist has become one of the best known and biggest classes of sailboats in the world with over 150,000 are registered and sailed in more than 110 countries. This book aims to unlock many of the go-fast secrets of the boat and bring any reader to the next level.

Chapters include choosing and setting up the boat and rig; basic and advanced sailing; mark rounding, and clothing. Lots of highly informative top tips also from well known sailors and coaches. The author has worked as an Optimist coach at both national and international level.

This book is packed with photographs and illustrations to reinforce topics and is written is a manner that is easy to understand for any youngster (while still passing on tons of useful knowledge). A must have resource for any Opti sailor!

RYA002 RYA Optimist Handbook Price: $44.95

Optimist Racing, Second Edition

Optimist Racing, Second Edition Optimist Racing - Second Edition
Phil Slater
96 Pages

Endorsed by the Optimist Association and used as a text book by most Optimist coaches. This second edition is fully updated with all the latest rigging and sailing techniques. Perfect for a younger audience that is not quite as comprehensive but is also well written and with substantial information.

Ultimate Opti Racing DVD by T2P

Ultimate Opti Racing DVD by T2P Ultimate Opti Racing DVD by TP2

This 35 minute instructional DVD is the complete learning tool for opti sailors who want to find the competitive edge. Covers everything you need to know about boat and sail set-up, boat handling, boat speed and course management in all weather conditions.

Videos and CD's are not returnable

OptiCoach Optimist Training CD ROM

OptiCoach Optimist Training CD ROM OptiCoach Training CD ROM

The latest way to improve your racing skills. Information on boat preparation, technique and tactics make this a must have for all Optimist sailors. Special features include interactive videos, easy search, arcade style games and tactical animations. Works on PCs and Macs.

Videos and CD's are not returnable Advanced Boat Handling DVD Advanced Boat Handling DVD Advanced Boat Handling DVD

World class coaches Alejandro Sole and Bocha Pollitzer have a super way of communicating that grabs the sailors' attention and makes top level techniques understandable. A unique "on-board" camera and remote camera are put to good use filming some of the hottest Opti sailors in the world. Tacks, jibes, 720's, double tacks, mark roundings, and on-the-water sprit-vang adjustments are all covered in different conditions.

Videos and CD's are not returnable

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