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Contemporary Team Racing

Contemporary Team Racing

by Gavin OHare. OBYC Publications.

Book: This is an update of Gavin O'Hare's original Contemporary Team Racing manual. Covers team race tactics and strategy with more pictures, better descriptions, and most importantly -- concurrent with the new racing rules and associated tactics. On the back cover -- Friends Dont Let Friends Finish Last. 42pp. Updated to 2005-2008 Rules.

CD-ROM: This is sail training at its best! This is an excellent tool for visually displaying tough team race topics. Designed in Flash animation for both Mac and PC users. Updated to 2005-2008 Rules.

GOCCR CD ROM: Contemporary Team Racing '05-'08 Price: $19.95 GOCTR Book: Contemporary Team Racing '05-'08 Price: $9.95

Race Boat Crewing Video DVD with Tucker Thompson

Race Boat Crewing Video DVD with Tucker Thompson

The Race Boat Crewing Video is the ultimate reference for racing crews. It provides a detailed look at the mechanics involved in each individual position on a modern race boat including: bow, mast, pit, headsail trimmer, tailer, & main trimmer. This instructive DVD allows you to analyze each position individually or learn the entire crew’s responsibilities. Here's some samples of what you'll see and learn:

Tucker Thompson is a professional sailor, racing coach, and writer who has been conducting racing clinics for years. He has won numerous international championships and crewed at every level including the America’s Cup trials.

Videos and CD's are not returnable

T2P001 The Race Boat Crew Video - DVD Price: $29.95

J World Instructional DVD Videos

J World Instructional DVD Videos

These popular videos have been re-released on DVD!

SAIL Magazine Says:
... these are action on-the water DVDs. Computer graphics and "talking heads" are kept to a minimum in favor of showing you sailing as you'll experience it on board a boat. They are clear, concise and expository and crammed with the performance details that will keep you coming back for another viewing. If you're serious about sailing, whatever type of boat you sail, these DVDs are for you...

Upwind Sailing
A visual guide to helming, sail trim, shifting gears, and upwind crew responsibilities, featuring six time World Champion Ken Read along with an All Star J World team. Upwind action for serious sailors or racers. 30 Minutes.

Downwind Sailing
A companion to Upwind Sailing, again featuring Rolex Yachtsman of the year, Ken Read and an All Star J World crew. This video details the tasks of each crew member during spinnaker sets, jibes, takedowns and mark roundings. Also covered are downwind sail trim, kinetics, and communication. Filmed at J World's famed Key West location, this tape is perfect for racers and sailors who want to master the challenge of performing downwind. 40 minutes.

Starting Tactics
Some of the most successful racers in the sport demonstrate the ins and outs of the most critical portion of a race. Our fleet shows you first-hand how to develop a game plan, play the shifts, deal with current, sight the line, choose the favored end, attack and defend your position, maneuver in a large fleet, assign crew duties and perfect your tactics off the line. Devoted entirely to the start. 40 minutes.

Championship Sailing
Follow the action with on board cameras and aerial shots as 70 J/24s from sixteen countries do combat to claim the title World Champion. This exciting hour shows you how greats like Ken Read, John Kostecki, Dave Curtis and Jim Brady sail away from the rest of the crowd. Whatever type of boat you sail the information in this DVD is invaluable. 60 minutes.

Performance Tuning
Unlike the other titles this DVD is designed primarily for the J/24 sailor who wants to master the complexities of rig tuning. Different from written tuning guides this DVD shows you onshore rig preparation, pre-bend, spreader, shroud, and forestay settings. On the water testing will let you see what your sails will look like when the rig is tuned properly. 20 minutes.

JW006 Upwind Sailing - DVD Price: $29.95 JW007 Downwind Sailing - DVD Price: $29.95
JW008 Starting Tactics - DVD Price: $29.95 JW009 Championship Sailing - DVD Price: $19.95
JW010 Performance Tuning - DVD Price: $19.95

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