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RejeX Hull Polish by RejeX

RejeX Hull Polish by RejeX RejeX Hull Polish
12oz. Bottle
Enough for a ~25' Boat

Make that hull shine, with RejeX. A high gloss finish that also protects, it makes cleaning less of a painful process by not allowing harmful stains and grime stick to the hull.

Used instead of wax, RejeX is a polymer coating that forms a tough, transparent, long lasting high gloss finish. Non porous and high release surface prevents things from sticking to it like dirt, grime, uv rays, bugs, bird droppings and chemicals.

Originally designed to meet the standards of the US Air Force to prevent damage from jet exhaust, it's tough enough for the job. Documented in offshore powerboat racing, Rejex hulls increased top speed by approximately 1.5 to 3%. Last longer than traditional waxes to keep you on the water and out of the boat yard.

Not recommended for use on non-skid or to restore chalky oxidized gel coat that contains no abrasives.

CTC61001 12oz Rejex Hull Polish Price: $14.95

Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish

Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish
16 oz. Bottle

Team McLube's award winning formula has swept the sailing nation! The Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish is a citrus based, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, high-gloss polish used by the best in the world. The polish prevents marine growth and slime buildup for weeks after application, reduces drag, increases sail/power efficiency, and is non-toxic. This polish won the Pittman Innovation Award for 2013--give it a try today!

MESP1 McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish - One Pint Price: $35.00

HullKote by McLube

HullKote by McLube McLube HullKote
One Pint

Hullkote combines the same very fast world renowned McLube proprietary formulation of our bonded PTFE suspension system with an entirely revolutionary citrus-based long lasting high gloss polish. The environmentally friendly citrus based hydrophobic polish designed for an easier, faster hull coating application, saving your team’s valuable time and strength for the race course. The citrus based natural degreaser and polish creates an ultra-smooth, well sealed finish with an excellent and long-lasting high gloss shine.

HullKote has the same active ingredient suspension as Sailkote creating the same durable chemical bond as Sailkote. It provides superior UV protection for your hull and spars from the damaging rays of the sun. It is very environmentally friendly and entirely safe for you to use. Hullkote contains no harmful petroleum distillates (used in most other polishes and wax products), no harsh solvents, and no nano-tech health or safety concerns here.

Keeps your hull cleaner, much longer than anything else available today. Highly hydrophobic (repels water, dirt, salt, grime, oil deposits, etc.) and lasts more than one full year above the waterline and more than 20 days of hard use below the waterline (2-3 coats will increase performance and durability to more than 30 days below the waterline). It applies in half the time of standard petroleum based polishes (just wipe on and wipe off, no waiting for anything to dry). Do not store McLube close to or below freezing.

MEHK1 McLube Hulkote - One Pint Price: $33.55

HullSpeed UltraGlide by Greenfield Manufacturing

HullSpeed UltraGlide by Greenfield Manufacturing HullSpeed UltraGlide
4oz. Bottle
Enough for two Lasers or one J22

A performance coating designed for small watercraft. Apply this thin, clean coat on the bottomside to enhance speed and performance. It will also protect your hull without using anti-fouling agents, making it enviro-friendly.

UltraGlide is a fully cured epoxy silicone that is hand applied, and is immediately ready for use. It includes a 4 oz bottle of coating, 1 oz. of hardener, a terry cloth and an abrasive pad.

HullSpeed UltraGlide complies with US Sailing, FISA, US Rowing, and both International and US canoe & kayak regulations.

GR001 UltraGlide Higher Performance Hull Coating Price: $44.00

AquaSpeed Hull Finish by Holmenkol

AquaSpeed Hull Finish by Holmenkol Holmenkol AquaSpeed Hull Finish
250ml (8.5 fl oz) Bottle

Creates a low friction surface on the underwater part of the hull and reduces drag significantly. Flow channel measurements have shown reductions in surface resistance of up to 45%. These surface properties also help avoid dirt or growth during competition keeping the boat's hull powerful and fast.

-Transparent, invisible
-Water and dirt repellent
-Easy-to-clean effect

Lube-n-Speed Hardware Lube by Holmenkol

Lube-n-Speed Hardware Lube by Holmenkol Holmenkol Lube-n-Speed hardware Lube
2.5 fl oz Bottle

High performance nano seal with integrated, long lasting gliding action. Dirt and water-repellent. Corrosion and abrasion-resistant.

SportPolish Hull & Mast Polish by Holmenkol

SportPolish Hull & Mast Polish by Holmenkol Holmenkol Sport Polish Hull and Mast Polish
250ml (8.5 fl oz) Bottle

A state-of-the-art nanotechnologic cleaner and sealer for gel coats, GFR, carbons and metals. Cleans, seals and optimizes surfaces and protects them against outside influences up to 1 year. Nanotechnologic intelligent surfaces of approximately 1/100,000 mm thickness supplies a long term shield against oil, dirt, acids and bases. This highly abrasive-resistant layer reduces maintenance work on gel coats to an absolute minimum, doing the job of waxes and polishes in one step.

The surface gets an “easy-to-clean”-effect, that means that is is very easy to clean without aggressive cleaning agents (environmental protection). For hulls, decks, fittings, masts and booms.
250 ml (8.5 fl oz) Bottle

HOL25170 SportPolish - Hull & Mast Polish, 8.5 fl. oz. Price: $43.70

No Fog for Hatches & Sunglasses by Holmenkol

No Fog for Hatches & Sunglasses by Holmenkol Holmenkol No Fog for Hatches & Sunglasses
3.4 fl oz Bottle

Nanotechnology-based anti-fogging coating with improved formula. Glasses, sunglasses and hatches are effectively cleaned without smearing. The nanoparticles coat the surface and reliably prevent glasses and sunglasses from fogging and steaming-up again. Great for frostbiting or cold weather passage making.

Care Fleece by Holmenkol

Care Fleece by Holmenkol Holmenkol Care Fleece
20 Pack

Anti tear Care Fleeces for cleaning hulls and blades with SportPolish, and the application of AquaSpeed. Will not absorb extra product to minimize waste and time of application. Ideal for the correct application of all non aerosol Holmenkol products. Pack of 20.

HOL20450 Care Fleece for Appling Polishes, 20 Pack Price: $12.30

SailKote by McLube

SailKote by McLube McLube SailKote
6oz or 16oz Spray, One Quart or One Gallon

Sailkote is a race-proven high-performance dry film lubricant used successfully in every Americas Cup since 1977 and currently supplied to the US Sailing Team.

Easily applied by spraying or wiping onto sails, hulls and hardware, Sailkote dries within seconds and requires no preparation prior to application. Use Sailkote on your sails, especially spinnakers, to repel dirt and water, minimizing absorption and friction for easier hoisting and retrieving. As a hull coating, Sailkote reduces drag, minimizes underwater growth adhesion and repels dirt, grime, and oil deposits.

Available in 6oz. and 16oz. aerosol spray cans, one quart non-aerosol bottle, and one gallon non-aerosol container.

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: McLube Sailkote can only be shipped via UPS GROUND. McLube Sailkote can not be shipped UPS Air.

MEMC1 McLube Sailkote Spray, 16 oz. Price: $19.25 MEMC3 McLube Sailkote, One Gallon Price: $159.15
MEMC4 McLube Sailkote Spray, 6 oz. Price: $11.25 MEMCL2 McLube Sailkote, One Quart Price: $45.85

Starbrite PTEF Polish

Starbrite PTEF Polish Starbrite PTEF Polish
16oz Liquid or 14 oz Paste

PTEF based polish that bonds to fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces.

Lasts up to 6 times longer than other marine waxes. UV inhibitors help stop fading and oxidation. Easy to use-wipe on, let dry, wipe off. Leaves a super smooth, no stick coating which reduces drag and repels dirt grime and stains. Perfect for a fast, slick racing bottom on dry-sailed boats.

MSC001 Starbrite PTEF Paste Polish, 14oz Price: $21.99 MSC009 Star brite PTEF Liquid Polish Price: $23.99

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