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Dynaglide Ultra Tape

Dynaglide Ultra Tape Sailors always worry about sail and line chafe; they're one of the biggest enemies on any boat. Several anti-chafe products are available, but only Dynaglide Ultra has an abrasive quality that is stronger than steel, yet it is thin enough to conform to halyards, sheets, stays, batten ends, dock lines and centerboards.

This tape has a thickness of just .007 inches (.18mm), UV resistance/color in black. Available in greater thickness for heavy wear applications, such as anchor rode exits.

Available in 10 yard (30 foot) rolls in four different widths (1", 2", 3" & 4").

DEW302 Dynaglide Ultra Tape: 1" x 10yd Price: $9.60 DEW303 Dynaglide Ultra Tape: 2" x 10yd Price: $19.20
DEW304 Dynaglide Ultra Tape: 3" x 10yd Price: $28.80 DEW305 Dynaglide Ultra Tape: 4" x 10yd Price: $38.40

Dynaglide Teflon® Tape

Dynaglide Teflon®  Tape

Put the slip on the competition with Teflon® rigging tape. This tape is specifically designed for marine applications. UV resistant pressure sensitive tape backed with a high temperature silicone adhesive. It is made of a tensilized film that provides higher tensile strength and lower elongation for improved performance.

Put this tape anywhere you need to reduce friction. On the tuff luff so that your assymetric spinnaker sheets don’t get hung up while gybing. Turnbuckles and stays, spreader tips and batten pockets for smoother tacks and gybes in light air.

3 1/2 mils (1/1000ths of an inch) of an inch thick, total.

Product Review:
This product has been reviewed on APS' Blog, The Stern Scoop; take a look for more information.

DEW101 Teflon Tape (PTFE), 1/2" x 54' Price: $19.48 DEW102 Teflon Tape (PTFE), 1" x 54' Price: $38.96
DEW103 Teflon Tape (PTFE), 2" x 54' Price: $77.92 DEW104 Teflon Tape (PTFE), 4" x 54" Price: $155.92

Japanese Glide Tape

Japanese Glide Tape Self adhesive tape is 3/4 inch wide sold on 26 foot long rolls. Unidirectional low friction tape. Excellent for making dinghy centerboards run smoothly up and down, while giving a snug fit. Also great for shimming up your mast at the partners. Helps provide smooth running companionway hatches on keelboats.

APSGT Japanese Glide Tape, 3/4" x 26' Price: $29.99


UHMW Tape UHMW is an abbreviation for Ultra High Molecular Weight. This polyethylene adhesive backed tape is available with a width of 1" or 2". The 1" is .003 thick and the 2" is 0.02 thick. Offers higher abrasion resistance than steel or teflon and good low friction properties. Sold by the foot or in 108 foot rolls (36 yards) with a peel-away backing.

CPLST UHMW Tape, 1" (Cut by the Foot) Price: $1.53 CPROLL UHMW Tape, 2" x 108' Price: $372.60
CPSTRIP UHMW Tape, 2" (Cut by the Foot) Price: $3.45

UHMW Polyethylene Tape for Laser Spars, etc.

UHMW Polyethylene Tape for Laser Spars, etc. Used primarily by Laser sailors for Laser spars - class rules allow taping the plastic plugs on the Laser upper mast section to get a tighter fit and better sail shape. Traditional tapes have a limited life span and leave sticky residues. This spar tape is 1 inch wide and very thin with a self adhesive backing. Made of self-lubricating UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene. Wear resistant for long life. Sold in 10 foot lengths with peel away backing (enough for 2 or 3 Laser upper masts).

APS421 Laser Spar Tape, 1" x 10' Price: $15.30

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