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PSP Mast Collar Tape

PSP Mast Collar Tape

A self bonding waterproof collar that does not require unstepping the mast when fitting. White. 3-7/8" x 5'

HAP059901001 Mast Collar Tape, White, 3-7/8" x 5' Price: $29.66

Mastboot Tape

Mastboot Tape Mastboot tape is a self bonding rubber that welds to itself by chemical action to form a waterproof covering. This tape conforms to irregular surfaces, and in most cases does not require un-stepping the mast - cuts easily with scissors for easy installation. Mastboot has a very good UV resistance and will last years in the sun; canvas or acrylic cover recommended for chafe protection.

Available in two lengths - for boats up to 40', and for boats up to 60'. Comes with instructions for installation.

ANNMB001 Mastboot Tape, up to 40' Boats, Rubber Price: $40.00 ANNMB002 Mastboot Tape up to 60' Boats, Rubber Price: $50.00

Spartite 2000 Mast Partner Sealant

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Spartite 2000 Mast Partner Sealant

Spartite™ is the modern answer to the ancient problem of mast support and sealing at the partners. Spartite is a pre-measured two part polymer poured into the cavity between the mast and the partners while the mast is in the boat.

Each kit comes with complete instructions and materials for the yard or yacht owner to build a simple mold out of even the most complex partners or mast collar. Spartite makes a one piece perfect fitting mast chock that replaces archaic wedges.

To estimate the quantity of SPARTITE needed, measure the square area of the mast section and subtract that number from the square inch, or square centimeter, area of the partner opening. Multiply this number by the desired depth, which must be at least 2" (5 cm), then add 1/4" (7 mm). If you purchase too little, a further amount can always be mixed and added later. Smaller Kit I fills 51 cu in (836 cu cm) and the larger Kit II fills 102 cu in (1672 cu cm).

  • Pre-measured Spartite cans
  • Modeling clay
  • Foam support strips
  • Pouring cup
  • Stirring sticks
  • Plastic gloves
  • Petroleum Jelly
Not Included:
  • Razor knife
  • Paper Towels
  • Drop cloth or newspaper
  • Alcohol or acetone
  • 2" masking tape

ST9611 Spartite 2000, Kit I, Small Price: $155.93 ST9612 Spartite 2000, Kit II, Large Price: $249.52

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