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Viking Inspection Ports and Bags

Viking Inspection Ports and Bags

Made in the US to imperial (inches) standards.

Threaded screw in lids with rubber O-rings to seal out water. The Viking Port's unique design integrates the O-Ring into the rim, making it nearly impossible for the O-Ring to fall out.

Use the following chart to determine the appropriate APS part number for your Inspection Port or Bag requirement.

Description Overall Width Lid Diameter Nominal Diameter Cutout Diameter Fasteners
in mm in mm Type # Needed
3.5" Diameter 3-1/2 91 3-7/8 100 #8, F.H. 6
4" Diameter 5-3/4" 4-7/8" 4 102 4-1/2 114 #8, F.H. 6
5" Diameter 6-3/4" 5-7/8" 5 128 5-1/2 139 #8, F.H. 6
6" Diameter 8-1/8" 6-7/8" 6 153 6-7/16 164 #8, F.H. 6

* F.H. = Flat Head Fastener

VK1049 3.5" Inspection Port, Black w/ Clear Lid Price: $7.78 VK1050 3.5" Inspection Port, White Price: $6.53
VK1051 3.5" Inspection Port, Black Price: $6.53 VK1101 5" Inspection Port, White - *** ABS **** Price: $10.15
VK1101LGPP 5" Inspection Port, Polypropylen,*** LITE GRAY **** Price: $10.15 VK1101PP 5" Inspection Port, Polypropylene , *** WHITE *** Price: $10.15
VK1101WCL 5" Inspection Port, White w/Clear Lid - ABS Price: $13.50 VK1102 5" Inspection Port, Black - ABS Price: $10.15
VK1102BCL 5" Inspection Port, Black w/ Clear Lid Price: $13.50 VK1145 6" Inspection Port, White Price: $12.94
VK1145WCL 6" Inspection Port, White w/Clear Lid Price: $16.81 VK1146 6" Inspection Port, Black Price: $12.94
VK1146BCL 6" Inspection Port, Black w/ Clear Lid Price: $16.81 VK1170 4" Inspection Port, White Price: $8.13
VK1170WCL 4" Inspection Port, White w/Clear Lid Price: $10.63 VK1171 4" Inspection Port, Black Price: $8.13
VKORING O Ring for Inspection Port Price: $0.62 - $0.85

Fat Bags and Cat Bags for Viking Ports

Fat Bags and Cat Bags for Viking Ports

The Fat Bag (pictured left) for the Viking Inspection port is a great option for storing items while sailing. Made of a sturdy nylon material, the Fat Bag fits into the appropriately sized Viking inspection port without ruining the watertight seal of the port. Large enough to fit a spray top, bottle of water, or other similarly sized items.

The Cat Bag (not pictured) is similar to the Fat Bag, but narrower in diameter, reducing its volume. It's great for keeping personal items such as keys, wallets and spare parts in a safe place while you are sailing.

Comes in three diameters: 4", 5" and 6" - this measurement is taken by obtaining the diameter of the threaded portion from the inspection port's lid.

NOTE: The Fat Bag and Cat Bag are NOT waterproof, and may not be appropriate for items susceptible to water damage.

Item Description 4-Inch Size Part # 5-Inch Size Part # 6-Inch Size Part #
Fat Bag VK1129 VK1117 VK1118
Cat Bag VK1126 VK1110 VK1111

VK1111 Cat Bag for 6" Port Price: $20.59 VK1117 Fat Bag for 5" Port Price: $24.29
VK1118 Fat Bag for 6" Port Price: $28.20 VK1129 Fat Bag for 4" Port Price: $19.26

Bottleport Drink Holder

Bottleport Drink Holder

View larger

Where can you put a drink on a Laser while sailing that it is easily accesible, won't roll overboard or get all nasty? Simple, that's where the Bottleport comes in...

The Bottleport works in any Laser, Sunfish, small keelboat or any boat in which space is at a premium -- it quickly and easily screws into White only 5" Viking polypropylene inspection ports or 5" Ronstan inspection port with 9" of clearance beneath it. It provides a way to hold a drink container that is totally secure, out of your way, immediately accessible with one hand and provides the same watertight seal as the original lid.

And, it works great with the Fat Bag, too! Why has no one thought of this sooner? Makes a great gift.

To see how the Bottleport works, click the following link:
View Bottleport Demo

MAIBOTTLP Bottleport Price: $29.95

RWO Screw Thread Inspection Ports & Bags

RWO Screw Thread Inspection Ports & Bags

Made in England to metric (millimeters) standards.

Threaded screw-in lid with rubber O-ring combines to seal out water - the O-ring fits snuggly around the cover to create a tight seal. If you already have an existing RWO inspection port on your boat and are in need of a replacement, these ports will fit.

Use the following chart to determine the appropriate APS part number for your inspection port requirement:

Description Nominal Diameter Cutout Diameter Fasteners
in mm in mm Type # Needed
4" Diameter 4 100 4-1/4" 108 3mm F.H. 6
5" Diameter 5 125 5-1/2" 140 3mm F.H. 6
6" Diameter 6 150 6-3/16 157 3mm F.H. 8
8" Diameter 8 200 8-11/16 220 4mm F.H. 8

* F.H. = Flat Head Fastener

R4040R 4" Inspection Port, White Price: $14.88 R4050R 5" Inspection Port, White Price: $19.51
R4060R 6" Inspection Port, White Price: $26.46 R4063R 6" Inspection Port, White w/Clear Lid Price: $38.33

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