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Seitech Launching Dollies - Standard Wheels

Seitech Launching Dollies - Standard Wheels

The ultimate boat handling and storage aid! Over ten years of experience have resulted in more than 20 different dolly configurations which custom fit in excess of 500 different types of small boats. Dollies consist of an anodized aluminum frame, stainless, through-bolted fastners, and engineered plastic joint components. Most dollies feature cradled boat support with 3 inch wide polyester non-stretch sling. Four pneumatic wheel sizes, all of which feature a knobby all-terrain tread and Delrin needle bearings. Easy assembly, with only a screwdriver, and no-tool breakdown. Made in USA. One year warranty.

NOTE: If you do not see your boat listed below - call us about your specific boat - dollies are available for many other boats as well - most likely there is a Seitech dolly to fit your needs.

SHIPPING NOTE: Additional shipping applies for UPS ground shipment of all Seitech dollies. The applicable additional shipping charges will be added to your order by our shipping department when your dolly ships. See Chart Below.

Shipping Costs
Description East of Mississippi River West of Mississippi River
Boat Dollies - A Wheels (*some exceptions apply) $30.00 $45.00
Boat Dollies - F Wheels (**some exceptions apply) $54.00 $70.00
*420, Int'l 14, Snipe, Albacore, Coronado, MC Scow, 49er Dollies - A Wheels $43.00 $59.00
**420, Int'l 14, Snipe, Albacore, Coronado, MC Scow, 49er Dollies - F Wheels $66.00 $81.00
**Thistle, Daysailor Dollies - F Wheels $111.00 $125.00

SE420HD 420 Double Frame - Std A Wheels Price: $620.00 SECLUBJR Club Jr. Dolly - Std. A Wheels Price: $490.00
SELASER Laser® Dolly - Std. A Wheels Price: $485.00 SEOPTI Optimist Dolly - Std. Wheels Price: $465.00
SESNIPE Snipe Dolly - Std. Wheels (A) Price: $645.00 SESUNFISH Sunfish Dolly - Std. A Wheels Price: $485.00
SEV15 V15 Dolly Single Centerline - A Wheels Price: $540.00

Dollies by Dynamic Dollies

Dollies by Dynamic Dollies

Completely corrosion-proof and maintenance free, the Dynamic Dollies dolly is made of injection-molded tough glass reinforced UV protected plastic joint with components through bolted with a rounded corner strong structural grade anodized aluminum frame. It has a large handle with tie down eyelets and a sling to easily secure boat. Does not have gunwale supports.

Wheels are wheelbarrow style with smooth tread and an inner tube. They have permanent bearings made with Delrin ball bearings that cannot be removed or replaced.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

DD10050 Dynamic Dollies - FJ Dolly Price: $495.00 DD12002 Dynamic Dollies - Laser® Dolly Price: $495.00
DD13003 Dynamic Dollies - Sunfish Dolly Price: $495.00 DD15007 Dynamic Dollies - 420 Dolly Price: $635.00
DD15019 Dynamic Dollies - V15 Dolly Price: $635.00

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