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Seitech Dolly Replacement Parts

Seitech Dolly Replacement Parts

Use the diagram above to locate replacement parts for Seitech Dollies. The diagrams represent just about all of the available parts that are used in the complete range of Seitech Dollies. If your dolly is another model or configuration or you have questions please call us to correctly determine which part you will need. Call for information on webbing slings and square frame tubes which are boat specific. For those of you who have older dollies with the --wheelbarrow-- style wheels. These tires have tubes and the tires are different from those standard on the current Laser Dolly. See the Seitech wheels section below.

SEH2A Handle Grip (Black Only) Price: $3.00 SEP01 Handle Bracket (2 halves) Price: $17.00
SEP02 Handle Bracket (2 halves) Price: $17.00 SEP03 Handle Bracket (2 halves) Price: $14.00
SEP04IP Heel Bracket (Heavy Duty) Price: $40.00 SEP04PC Heel Bracket (Std. Duty) Price: $26.00
SEP05IP T-Bracket for Axle (Heavy Duty) Price: $40.00 SEP06 Axle Bracket (Heavy Duty) Price: $26.00
SEP07A Sling Bracket w/ Bosses Price: $14.00 SEP08 Stabilizer Bracket - FlipUp (1) Price: $14.00
SEP09 V-Support - Black Rubber Price: $16.00 SEP12 Handle Bracket Price: $17.00
SEP15 Axel Bracket Price: $15.00 SES1 Dolly Sling Price: $33.00 - $34.00
SET1A Bow Stanchion Price: $40.00 SET1B Fwd Centerline Tube Price: $70.00
SET1BCR Centerline Tube Price: $70.00 SET1C Aft Centerline Tube Price: $64.00
SET1D Axle - Square Tube (Not Opti) Price: $69.00 SET1DR Rear Axle Tube for Opti Only, Config. 10 & 21 Price: $69.00
SET3A Handle Tube, 1 O.D. Alum. Price: $23.00 SET3E Side Stanchion With Cover Price: $16.00
SET7B Wheel Axle Shaft Price: $14.00 - $24.00 SETIE Seitech Side Stachion Price: $30.00

Seitech Dolly Wheels, Tires, and the Old Tube

Seitech Dolly Wheels, Tires, and the Old Tube

All Seitech dolly wheels use 1 inch diameter wheel shafts, (included with your dolly purchase). If you are buying replacement wheels or upgrading; Seitech Fat wheels use different length shafts than normal size wheels. A wheels are for dollies made for lighter weight boats like the Opti, Laser & Sunfish.

When upgrading A wheels to fat wheels you will need two longer shafts and 4 roller bearing cages, two for each side. The standard A wheel has a 14 inch diameter x 5 inch width and weighs 6 lbs. The Fat wheel has a 19 inch diameter x 9.5 inch width and weighs 16 lbs. Both A and Fat wheels are tubeless.

Note to those who have older dollies with the old --wheelbarrow-- style wheels. Complete wheels are no longer available.

SEF06 Hitch Pin Clip (Wheel Retainer) Price: $5.00 SEP14 Retainer Ring (1) Price: $6.00
SET7B Wheel Axle Shaft Price: $14.00 - $24.00 SEW4C Fat Wheel (Shaft Not Included) Price: $107.00
SEW7C Standard A Wheel, Knobby Price: $63.00 SEWRB Roller Bearing Cage 60mm Price: $11.00

Seitech Trailer Hitch Retro Fit Kit

Seitech Trailer Hitch Retro Fit Kit

View larger

Allows you to tow your boat/dolly for short distances behind your car. Speeds should not exceed a walking pace.

SEAT1781 Trailer Cupler Ugrade 1-7/8" Hitch Ball Price: $216.00

Seimar Cushion Caps

Seimar Cushion Caps Seimar accessories are designed by Peter Seidenberg, inventor of the Seitech Dolly, to make your boating experience more pleasurable.

These injection-molded cushion caps are shaped to fit the handle brackets for the Laser, Sunfish or Optimist. When installed, they "cap" the handle brackets and their soft rubber-type material provides cushioning between the handle bracket and the underside of the boat gunwale to prevent abrasion of the gel-coat.

The Laser Cushion Cap Set includes two caps for the stabilizer brackets as well, providing a full layer of protection for your Laser.

SDPCCL Cushion Caps For Laser Set Price: $30.00 SDPOP Cushion Cap for Opti Dolly Handle Bracket Price: $10.00
SDPSF Cushion Cap for Sunfish Price: $10.00

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