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SailTools One Design Polars

SailTools One Design Polars These One-Design Class Polars from Mac Designs are clearly and durably printed on a self-adhesive vinyl sticker for easy application to most surfaces (including painted ones).

Available for the following classes:
  • Melges 32
  • NYYC Swan 42
  • J/105
  • Farr 30
  • Farr 40
Overall size of each sticker: 10-3/8" x 6-1/2". Sold individually.

ST101 Farr 40 Polars - Self Adhesive Vinyl (1) Price: $18.95 ST102 Farr 30 Polars - Self Adhesive Vinyl (1) Price: $18.95
ST103 Melges 32 Polars - Self Adhesive Vinyl (1) Price: $18.95 ST104 Swan 42 Polars - Self Adhesive Vinyl (1) Price: $18.95
ST105 J105 Polars - Self Adhesive Vinyl (1) Price: $18.95

JCD Course Boards

JCD Course Boards Stop writing on your gelcoat. These UHMW boards mount to any flat surface and are great to keep track of numbers. Grease pencil (not included) wipes away with ease. 4”x7”x1/8”

JCD014 Course Boards (pair) Price: $30.00

Sailtools AccuTACK

Sailtools AccuTACK No more guessing about crossing situations and laylines. Apply this sighting chart on your deck and get it right. Self-adhesive backing sticks well even to non-skid decks. A real confidence builder in crossing situations. Sold as a pair (Port and Starboard - one per side).

STAC Accutack (pr) Price: $49.95


Inclinometers Inclinometers
Inclinometers are an Invaluable tool for racing. Also commonly known as a tilt gauge, inclinometers measure the angles of tilt.

SIINCL: Measures on a 30 degree macro scale and 5 degree micro scale. Features a durable construction that won't leak. Easily mounts to any flat surface.

SUC2525: Shows angle of tilt from -25 degrees to 25 degrees. A brass ball rides in special damping fluid with a flexible, shatterproof tube assembly. Mounts on dashboard with high-bond tape. (3.5"W x 1.6"H, 0.7 oz.)

SUC0606: Shows angle of tilt from -6 degrees to 6 degrees.Tube assembly made of durable borosilicate glass. Custom-drilled mounting holes available (provided). Background of tube assembly is fade-resistant neon yellow for high visibility.

SUC0606 Industrial Lev-O-Gage 4, 6° to 6°, 3-1/2" W Price: $26.18 SUC2525 Industrial Lev-O-Gage 3, 26° to 26°, 3-1" W Price: $28.18

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