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Davis Air-Flow Tels

Davis Air-Flow Tels Lightweight, ripstop nylon Air-Flow Tels attach to sails with waterproof adhesive locator discs. No holes required. Tels show the air flow across the sails — allowing you to trim sails for maximum performance. 14 Tels - seven red and seven green nylon strips in the package.

DV950 Air Flow Tales (set of 14) Price: $6.79

Ronstan Tell Tails

Ronstan Tell Tails Peel backing from adhesive disk, insert the tell tail and press firmly onto your sail surface. Tails are made of high resolution red and green material for maximum visibility. Instructions on installation included. Each pack contains three red and three green tail strips.

RF4025 Tell Tails Price: $6.12

Ronstan Leach Tails

Ronstan Leach Tails The first indicators made especially for reading the leach of your sail. Use these on both dinghies and big boats. Double ribbon tails attach to the leach using an adhesive triangle on both sides of the sail sandwiching them in place permanently. Instructions on installation included. Each pack contains three tails.

RF4026 Leech Tails Price: $6.97

Fast Tales

Fast Tales Flies straight, lifts great. Comes with 7 red and 7 green wool yarns with adhesive disks. For top light air performance, they can be separated into single strands. Wool sticks less and will not crease.

SOFT1 Fast Tales Price: $5.15

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