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Boat Carrier by Thule

Boat Carrier by Thule Thule Boat Carrier
Best used for Opti
Save 41% off the normal price of $94.95. A $39.40 savings.

A very neat easy to car top boats that rest on their gunwales (Opti). Padded rests keep the boat from sliding side to side and can be easily adjusted along the width of your Thule load bars to fit the beam of your boat. Padded cradles provide maximum stability for the boat and added protection for the gunwales. The underside of each rest has a guide/channel that holds your Thule straps captive - better locking your boat in place on the rack. Straps included.

SALE2565H Boat Carrier w/ Quick Draw TD (pr) Price: $55.55

Glowfast Luminous Decals

Glowfast Luminous Decals

Save $8.95 and $9.60 off the normal retail price of $15.00.

When something goes wrong, saving valuable time when it matters is crucial. Allow your crew to see their safety devices all night long without the use of artificial lighting or the need to fumble around for a flashlight.

Each of these labels will glow clearly for up to 20 hours after being in light for just 10 minutes.

EPIRB 4-3/4" x 1-3/4" 121mm x 44mm Emergency Grab Bag 5-13/16" x 2-7/16" 148mm x 63mm
Batteries 5-3/8" x 2-1/4" 137mm x 56mm Fire Extinguisher (S) 3-7/8" x 2-5/16" 98mm x 59mm
Battery Switch 4-1/8" x 1-3/4" 105mm x 44mm Fire Extinguisher (L) 5-7/8" x 3-1/2" 150mm x 90mm
Flares 5-1/2" x 1-3/4" 140mm x 44mm Remember Gas 5-13/16" x 3" 148mm x 75mm
First Aid Kit 6-7/16" x 2-5/8" 163mm x 67mm Lifejackets 6-7/8" x 1-3/4" 175mm x 44mm

SALE2396 GlowFast Luminous Remember Gas Decal Price: $6.05

Individual Code Flags

Individual Code Flags

Use these flags for class/fleet designations, protests and/or acknowledgement of Race Committee. All are approved colors and sewn throughout. Seams are double stitched. Made of heavy nylon. material. Sold individually or in sets. Sets come with handy nylon storage bag.

Size 0 - Save 43% off the normal retail price of $31.80. A $13.70 savings
Size 2 - Save 22% off the normal retail price of $32.60. A $7.30 savings

Size Letter Flags Pennants Substitutes
Size 0 1' x 1 1/4' 2/3' x 2' 2/3' x 1 1/3'
Size 2 1 1/2' x 2' 1 1/3' x 3' 1' x 2'

We stock individual Size 0 flags. Other sizes and sets are by special order. Call about larger sizes with letter flags up to 4' x 6'.

Code Flag Reference

SALE2596H Code Flag Size 0 - Individual w/ Grommets Price: $18.10 SALE2597H Code Flag Size 2 - Individual w/Grommets Price: $25.30

Life Line Belt by Skelley

Life Line Belt by Skelley Keep those legs protected during long, painful hours on the rail. Great for wire lifelines, this belt is made of up many PVC segments, that cup the wire as you press against it. Don't be caught on the rail without one!

Skelley Life Line Belt
One Size, Unisex
Save 34% off the normal retail price of $125.00. A $41.95 savings.
  • Fabric: Abrasion resistant cover with rigid crescent-shaped segments sewn into an articulated padded belt; neoprene padded leg straps.
  • Fit: Form fitting.
  • Closures: Adjustable waist belt with snap buckle, adjustable neoprene padded leg straps.
  • Other: Belt is designed to cup the lifeline, spreading out the load on your abdomen for more aggressive hiking.

SALE2879H Skelley Life Line Belt Price: $83.05

Mast Bracket Mount for Mini Contest Compass

Mast Bracket Mount for Mini Contest Compass Mast Bracket Mount for Mini Contest
Save 57% off the normal retail price of $169.96. A $96.66 savings.

Lightweight bracket attaches securely to your mast with Velcro straps. Fits most Proctor and SuperSpars sections, as well as most other dinghy masts. Popular with boats like the JY15.

SALE2519 Mast Mount for Mini Contest Price: $73.30

Replacement Bladder for Crewsaver Marks

Crewsaver Racing Marks Replacement Bladder
5' Cylindrical Bladder
Save 66% off the normal retail price of $381.57. A $251.57 savings!

Crewsaver marks are designed with double skin construction, with a heavy duty outer cover protecting the inner inflator resulting in a lightweight but tough buoy. The inner bladder can be replaced if it no longer holds air. This bladder is designed to work with a 5' cylindrical mark.

For more information on Crewsaver marks click here.

SALE2225 Replacement Cylindrical Bladder, 5' Price: $130.00

Scallion Serrated Knife by Kershaw

Scallion Serrated Knife by Kershaw Kershaw Scallion Serrated Knife
2-1/4 inch Blade

Save 44% off the normal retail price of $64.95. A $28.85 savings.

With a partially serrated blade and small size, it can easily fit in a pocket. It is equipped with SpeedSafe assisted opening. Made of high carbon blade steel for good edge retention and great corrosion resistance. Easy to maintain.

SALE2854H Scallion Polyimide w/Half Serrated Blade Price: $36.10

Thule Gutter Foot 300 Pack

Thule Gutter Foot 300 Pack Thule Gutter Foot 300 Pack
4 Feet included
Save 41% off the normal retail price of $179.95. A $74.40 savings.

Created for cars with rain gutters. Designed to clamp directly to gutters. Perfect and secure fit even with very narrow gutters. Vibration-damping built in and all parts that come in contact with the vehicle have rubber surfaces to protect your paint job. System provides 5 inches of load bar clearance from the top of the car or truck. Comes with four upright feet/bar holders.

SALE2564H Gutter Foot 300 Pack (4) Price: $105.55

Thule Load Bars

Thule Load Bars Thule Load Bars
50 inch
Save 38% off the normal retail price of $89.95. A $34.40 savings.

Thule Load Bars
58 inch
Save 38% off the normal retail price of $89.95. A $34.40 savings.

Thule Load Bars
65 inch
Save 35% off the normal retail price of $89.95. A $31.10 savings.

Bars are offered in different lengths: standard 50 inch, standard 58 inch and 65 inch (used with most dinghies). Your specific length will depend on the style of your vehicle and the type of boat you plan to carry.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

SALE2800H Thule 58 Load Bars (Pair) Price: $55.55 SALE2801H Thule 65 Load Bars (Pair) Price: $58.85

Mike Aiken CD's

Mike Aiken CD's Masterful upbeat CDs filled with Mike's originals, a few select covers of his all time favorite songwriters and that unforgettable blend of styles that always keep Mike's CDs interesting to listen to over and over. Mike continues to play his mix of blues, swing, country and roots that makes his style hard to categorize. The stories he tells and the infectious pickin' he tells them with pay homage to his home, the sea.

"Warning: listening to this album will make you want to quit your job, buy a boat and live the life of Mike Aiken…Aiken’s vocal harmonizing with his wife Amy is irresistible."
– Paul Shugrue, Port Folio Weekly, Norfolk , VA and WHRV 89.5 FM “Out Of The Box”

Hula Girl Highway
Track List:
1) Jagger & Jones 7) Blowin' Like a Bandit
2) Thick Black Water 8) Down In Daytona
3) Love You Tonight 9) Bottoms Up
4) Find Me 10) Thank You
5) Jump Up 11) Talk To Your Daughter
6) This Here Mandolin 12) Banana Republic

Just Add Salt
Track List:
1) Hill Billy Beach Bum 7) This Guitar
2) Good, Bad (Right or Wrong) 8) Back To The Beach
3) 90 Miles To Hemingway 9) Fisherman's Wife
4) Back To You 10) If I Had A Boat
5) No Fishin' Pole 11) One More Night
6) Friend Of The Devil 12) Out Tonight

SALE2141 Mike Aiken Just Add Salt Music CD (2006) Price: $8.85 SALE2142 Mike Aiken Hula Girl Highway CD (2008) Price: $8.85

Thule Aero Half Pack

Thule Aero Half Pack Aero Half Pack
Contains the pieces for one bar
Save $21.70 off the normal retail price of $65.00.

If you need to repair or outfit a one bar system, here's your solution. The foot pack contains what you need in addition to your fit kit, that's specific to each vehicle. Foot Pack contains two of the following: 400 aero foot, convex washer, snub nose bolt with handle, lockable hood, lock plug, end cap and measuring tape.

SALE2566H Aero Foot 400 Half Pack (2) Price: $46.65

Thule Fit Kits

Thule Fit Kits Thule Fit Kits
For Various Makes and Models
Save $40.55 off the normal retail price of $69.95.

Get that perfect fit with a Thule Fit Kit. It adapts to fit on your vehicle make and model. Comes with four pads and four clips designed to perfectly fit your car down to the make, model and year. Fit kits are in old packaging.

Kit 52 - Honda Accord Aerodeck (86 - 89), Accord 4-D (86 - 89) or Honda Vigor Aerodeck (86 - 89)
Kit 179 - Jeep Grand Cherokee (92 - 98)
Kit 265 - Saturn Wagon (96 - ?) or Saturn 8L 4dr (96 - ?)
Kit 2020 - Chrysler Concorde (93 - 98), Dodge Intrepid (93 - 98) or Eagle Vision (93 - 98)
Kit 2019 - Nissan Pathfinder (97 - 01)
Kit 2027 (Honda Accord 4-dr '98-'00)
Kit 2114 (Audi A4 4-Dr '02 - '08)
Kit 2131 (Honda Accord 4-dr '03 - '07 )
Kit 2141 (VW Golf V3-Dr Hatchback '04 - '07, VW Golf V 50-Dr Hatchback '04 - '07, VW Jetta 4-Dr Sedan '05 - '07)
Kit 2140 (Ford F-150 4-Dr Crew Cab '04 - '08, Ford F-150 2-Dr Regular Cab and Super Cab '04 - '08)
Double check all Kits with the Thule Fit Guide prior to ordering*

SALE1669 Thule Fit Kit - 2019 Price: $29.40 SALE1732 Thule Fit Kit #1 OLD PKG Price: $29.40
SALE2539 Thule Fit Kit Price: $30.00 SALE2589H Thule Fit Kit Price: $30.00

TinyCoach Data Logger

TinyCoach Data Logger TinyCoach Datalogger
Save $596.00 off the normal retail price of $1,195.00.

TinyCoach Datalogger records all the data coming from your NMEA network. Once coming back at home, you download the data onto your PC via its USB connector. You can then re-use the recorded data somewhere unexposed than on board in order to design your polar diagram or to go over your course. TinyCoach uses 50 times less power compared to a notebook and is far more rugged.

Datalogger includes:

  • A TinyCoach dock which remains on the boat and is connected to NMEA network and the boat power supply (12-24v)
  • TinyCoach 'greycase', central equipment that you can remove from the boat.
  • TinyCoach software for your computer.
  • Technical data:
    Max consumption: 1w
    shockproof case into support: IP54
    Recording capacity on network 5 sensors: 8 days.

    SALE1148 TinyCoach Data Logger Price: $599.00

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