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You may be wondering how something makes it onto our Sale Rack -- well, it's a pretty simple tale. Our vendors are always deciding to change something about a product or we have to make room for new stuff that's coming in. When this is the case, we move an item to the Sale Rack and give you a little extra incentive to buy it.

Everything that you see here is brand new (of course, unless otherwise indicated) -- this isn't a scratch and dent bin, it's all 100% good stuff.

If there is a product that doesn't seem to have a price or way to order it, it's sold out -- sorry! These items are first come, first served with a limited quantity (sometimes just one...), so act quick if you're interested in an item.

BlackGold Power Boom - 45mm

BlackGold Power Boom - 45mm BlackGold Power Boom
Save 28% off the normal retail price of $199.45. A $56.40 savings.

Black anodized, 7075 aluminum spars. All black fittings, newly designed black sprit ends, hard anodized cleats, improved captive eyestraps on the boom, Black Vectran line pack from Marlow.

Advantages of Black Gold over other spars:

  • 50 micron, black, hard anodized 7075 mast
  • Stiffer, 2.2 mm 7075T6 mast section
  • High Delrin heel plug, for less friction and to avoid wear
  • Hook-in block with stainless steel bearings, no rust
  • Sprit adjuster handle, as standard
  • Stainless steel hook-in block backing plate, to avoid wear
  • Through bolted vang cleat-to prevent failure
  • Aluminum pin stop instead of plastic, to avoid breakage
  • Aluminum pennant holders, don't cut lines
  • Low friction nylon wind indicator, extra sensitive
  • Turned Delrin pin type heel-plug, no wear
  • Vectran control lines - zero stretch, zero creep
  • The ultimate sprit adjuster-handle, standard on all Black Gold

All booms are made from seamless extruded (not welded) high grade, tempered aluminum tube, fitted with captive eyestraps, black nylon inboard and outboard end-fittings, black outhaul cleat, 4 mm Vectran outhaul, 6 mm Vectran/wire, vang and outhaul trim gauge.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products (with the exception of the Rigging Pack), our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

MK3 Race Spars by Optimax

MK3 Race Spars by Optimax Optimax MK3 Spit
Save 26% off the normal retail price of $124.85. A $32.65 savings.

Optimax is world famous for it's outstanding practical experience, meticulous material selection, ongoing innovative development, and "on line" connection with international top sailors. Built from superior Lanurep space craft alloy that is hard anodized to a to a dark gray color ensures maximum stiffness. All fittings are hard anodized, glued, and then mounted with stainless steel screws to ensure durability.

Oversized Shipping:
Due to the overall dimensions of these products, our carriers classify them as "oversized". Please click here for more information.

SALE2930H Optimax Mk3 Sprit 27mm; Was EXOX45M3 Price: $92.20

Rigging Pack for Silver Spars by Optiparts

Rigging Pack for Silver Spars by Optiparts Rigging "B" Pack
For Silver Spars
Save 27% off the normal retail price of $95.30. A $26.15 savings.

Rigging pack for SILVER spars, it does not work with school or club.

Contains: - Halyard Block - EX1340
- Wind Indicator - EX1242
- Top Pins

SALE2932H B-Pack - Rigging Pack for Silver Spars (not club) Price: $69.15

Sale Line Section

Sale Line Section

As one of the largest retailers of performance marine-grade lines, APS does from time-to-time end up with whole spools, spool ends, miscuts, and other rope and line remnants.

These are single one-only items - once a remnant is sold there is not another. All sales of these remnant ropes are final - no returns or exchanges. Enjoy the great savings!

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